Engaging iPhone 5 viral campaign for the better

The Apple iPhone 5, new iPhone or whatever it may eventually be called is still among the most discussed topics in the tech world. We’ve been informing readers with all the usual speculation and news about the next iPhone but this time around we want to engage our readers to learn about what you really want to see on the iPhone 5 that would make it better.

Most of the current rumors about the iPhone 5 concern the release date or the anticipated specs and rumors and these are something that many people can’t wait to find out more about. However as usual, Apple is keeping the next iPhone a closely guarded secret so any details so far are purely based on leaks and conjecture. Although specs and rumors are so far unconfirmed then, there will be plenty of you who have an idea of what you want to see to make the next iPhone really shine.

Widely reported anticipated specs and features include a larger, possible 4-inch display, LTE connectivity (as has just arrived for the new iPad), a more powerful processor and a better camera, although the camera on the current iPhone, the iPhone 4S, was widely praised. Other things possible include a larger battery and the possibility of the next big iOS update, iOS 6. Of course these all concern the internals of the iPhone 5 but on top of this we shouldn’t forget that many would like to see a fresh design too.

When the iPhone 4S arrived lots of consumers (and experts) were disappointed to see it looked exactly the same as its predecessor and it was initially feared this would dent sales. However despite the concerns that many people buying a brand-new iPhone like others to be able to see they’re sporting the latest version, sales still skyrocketed. If the same design is featured this time around though we wonder if Apple will still be as fortunate to achieve the same amount of sales.

To be honest the next iPhone will no doubt be a hit whatever it looks like and whatever the specs and features are, such is the loyalty of Apple’s fan base, but of course just how successful it eventually becomes will be partly to do with the extent of new additions and upgrades. With this in mind we’d like to hear from readers about what the most important factors are for you about the new iPhone. Maybe you want to see a new design and won’t buy it if it looks the same, whatever else it’s capable of? Maybe there are particular specs or features that are more important to you than other aspects, such as LTE connectivity, a larger sceen or maybe something we haven’t thought to mention at all?

We’re really interested to get a widespread view of what readers really desire for the iPhone 5 so welcome as many comments as possible about this. Maybe you could share this across your social networks to raise awareness so that we can get a really good idea of what many people think would make the iPhone 5 even better than expected? You never know, someone out there at Apple may be checking in so keep those comments rolling in!


2 thoughts on “Engaging iPhone 5 viral campaign for the better”

  1. Dadchas says:

    There are MILLIONS of hearing aid users in the UK. Iphone 4 had facility to use phone with hearing aid but 4s did not. Hope the iphone 5 DOES!

  2. Ukdeejay says:

    Never understood the frustration at the lack of change to the formfactor; two year contracts mean any radical upgrade to looks, specs or features leads to a dis-satisfaction amongst your customer base (which Apple won’t abide), dissatisfied at being stuck with ‘last years model’ for twelve months. The next one will be when we see Jonny Ive pull the biro out of the drawer again…

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