LG Lucid 4G comprehensive specs on Verizon

Earlier this month we brought you some of the first available details about the LG Lucid 4G (aka LG Cayman). Today we have much more detailed specs and features to tell you about this smartphone heading to Verizon, courtesy of a leaked specs document.

Although the Lucid 4G doesn’t match up to the specs of the Droid Fighter that it was first leaked with, it nevertheless seems to offer a pretty decent handset for Verizon. Aimed very much at the mid-market this is of course a 4G LTE-equipped phone for the Verizon network and is likely to be priced below $200, although there’s no confirmation of pricing yet.

Droid-Life speculates that it could release as early as March 29 and that’s a date we’ve also previously heard about. The site also shows the full specs for the LG Lucid 4G and some of it’s key features and specs include a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 4-inch IPS display with resolution of 800×480 (with the added bonus of Gorilla Glass), 8GB of internal storage and a 1700mAh battery offering around 350 hours of standby time or 8 hours of usage time. One aspect that could disappoint some potential buyers is that it will be launched on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, although we would hope for an Android 4.0 ICS update at some point.

Other specs and features include USB 2.0, Micro USB charging port, Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11/b/g/n WiFi connectivity and WiFi Direct. Dimensions for the Lucid 4G are 4.69-inches x 2.45-inches x 0.45-inches. If you want to see more on this handset then check out a video below this story about the LG Lucid. What are your thoughts on the LG Lucid? Are you interested in a mid-range smartphone? If not, maybe you have your mind set on the iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3? Why not let us know.


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