Annual recycling of the new iPhone 5

We have entered that time of year again where we see almost daily rumours emerging about Apple’s next version of the iPhone. The same thing happens every year now since Apple released the first iPhone back in 2007 and sowed the seeds for the smartphone market we now know. Some of these rumours this year have seemingly been recycled before with regards of the new iPhone 5.

The usual suspects regarding rumours have surfaced again in the last few months since the iPhone 4S was released last October, and one such feature for the new device is its screen size. Ahead of the iPhone 4S release there was a lot of talk about a larger Retina Display finding its way onto the iPhone, but iPhone fans were left disappointed with the screen being identical to the previous model.

This time round screen size has again been spoken about with many wanting a display of around 4-inches at least, the difference this year is that after the current model was just a revamped iPhone 4 many feel Apple will release a totally redesigned model this time.

Again there has been a lot of speculation of the next iPhone featuring 4G LTE connectivity especially after the technology found its way into the new iPad. It is believed that Apple has decided not to use the technology inside the iPhone so far as the LTE chips that have been available would have meant the company making too many design changes to the smartphone.

This year though newer 4G LTE chipsets are not only smaller in size but also less demanding on power so longer battery life, which many smartphone owners are often concerned about when choosing a new device. Near Field Communication has been rumoured to be coming to the iPhone in the past and the same is happening again with the iPhone 5.

There have been a few new rumours this year for the iPhone 5 that have included a new bonding feature, which would allow for a tougher form factor. A new micro dock connector has been touted as a way for Apple to gain extra space inside the iPhone’s body for a bigger battery to better cope with LTE and a larger screen.

Unlike previous years we now have speculation regarding when the device will be released after Apple launched the last model in October instead of the usual summer launch. This may have come because of the Verizon iPhone 4 being launched in February, and would have meant only a couple of months would have passed if the usual release time frame was kept.

We have also had speculation regarding what the device may be called since the latest iPad was launched with talk of a new iPhone name. As usual with all Apple rumours, until the specifications are officially announced by the company they have to be taken with a pinch of salt, unless someone leaves a prototype in a bar somewhere.

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