Untethered iOS 5.1 jailbreak not releasing anytime soon

Along with the new iPad the iOS 5.1 update has been available for a few weeks now and the jailbreak community are busy working hard trying to provide users with an untethered jailbreak, but it seems it won’t be releasing anytime soon.

iOS Dream Team member Pod2g has confirmed the jailbreak is at least a few weeks away according to an article on GottaBe Mobile. It does seem there is progress being made with the jailbreak though, but users looking to get hold of it will have to wait a little longer.

Only a couple of weeks ago Pod2g revealed that work was already well underway on the jailbreak for the iPad 2, iPhone 4S, and the new iPad and was “working actively on finding vulnerabilities in 5.1”. Some iOS 5.1 users do have access to a tethered jailbreak, which for those who are not aware a tethered jailbreak means users have to re-install the jailbreak every time they switch the device off or the battery runs dry.

This can prove to a bit of a painful process so many users prefer to wait for the untethered jailbreak, and currently the only iOS devices that can be jailbroken in that way are those not running the A5 or A5X processor, so that means owners of the iPhone 4S and the last two versions of the iPad are out.

Owners of the new iPad will be pleased to learn that work on a jailbreak has already begun for the device but it’s not an easy task and will take some time, and at least it will be on its way. The talented jailbreak community have been really busy in recent weeks as we have already told you that iH8sn0w has managed to downgrade an A5 powered device to iOS 5.0.1 from iOS 5.1.

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  1. Tommy255 says:

    why did he say you have to re do the jailbreak on a tethered jailbreak. All you have to do is run redsn0w and select extras>just boot, then follow the instructions. SIMPLE!

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