Angry Birds game flying towards 2012 animated TV series

I’m sure you are all aware that Rovio has released their latest version of the highly popular multi-plaform game, Angry Birds in the form of Angry Birds Space, which is proving just as popular on all platforms as previous versions, but what next for Rovio and Angry Birds? Well apparently the game maker is looking to bring Angry Birds to a TV near you.

According to an article over on The Guardian, in the autumn of this year, Rovio plans on delivering a series of 52 short Angry Birds animations and the 52 episodes will last approximately between 2.5 and 3 minutes each, but the game maker has ruled out any Angry Birds movie until after 2014.

Nick Dorra, the head of animation for Rovio has said that they will roll out a weekly animation series later in the year of short form content, and that they will roll the episodes out on all possible devices and are thus looking at building a video application for that purpose, along with looking at partnerships, as they want it on all screens.

Apparently partnership deals include Samsung, which involves an application for Samsung’s Smart TV internet connected televisions.

As for that Angry Birds movie, well Dorra told an audience at MIPTV that they are working on it, it is in development but the movie wont be out in 2013 or even 2014, so you’ll simply have to bide your time and watch all the short episodes.

Furthermore, apparently Rovio is working on new games which include some games that wont involve Angry Birds whatsoever, with Dorra saying that they are going to launch a new IP in 2012 that has nothing to do with Angry Birds, and that they are also working on bringing new projects to the Angry Birds arena that will have nothing to do with gameplay that has been seen before.

So there you go, quite a while to wait for Angry Birds to hit the silver screen, but it short animations should hit other screens this year, will you be keeping your eyes open for them?

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