McDonalds Monopoly 2012 must have app

Fast food chain McDonald’s has long been associated with a number of promotions to reward their customers who visit its restaurants and enjoy their food. Now we can tell you that the Marketing Store has recently launched this year’s offering of the popular Monopoly promotion for McDonald’s.

This is now the seventh year that the Monopoly Millions promotion has been run, and it allows customers to win a variety of prizes by collecting tokens from their McDonalds meals, and according to an article on The Drum there is also prizes online along with instant win, and the chance to check to see if customers have won any of the prizes at stake by entering a code.

Customers can now also play on the go and track what prizes are being won in their area, which is done via an interactive location map that uses real-time data. The whole promotion including the campaign concept, game piece production, logistics, campaign idea, and restaurant and digital communications were devised by the Marketing Store.

The fast food giant supports its promotion via the special Monopoly website and TV and press ad campaigns. Steve Howells of McDonald’s commented that “It’s an exciting time for all of us, and even more so this year with the buzz that’s been building through Facebook and Twitter.”

It is obvious that the Monopoly Millions promotion has many fans with many users taking to Facebook and Twitter to talk about the promotion and what they may have won, but considering its so popular each time its launched, it makes you wonder why there has never been a mobile application built for it.

Users would find it so much easier if they could quickly scan the code onto their smartphone to quickly find out what they may have won, and would be much quicker than having to go to a PC or laptop to do it. There are already a number of scanning applications available to smartphone users that can quickly provide information for a number of different things.

Do you enjoy the McDonald’s Monopoly Millions promotion and would prefer an application for it?


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