Galaxy S3 pre-orders soar but no release until S2 gets ICS

The first two Galaxy S handsets from Samsung have proved to be hugely successful for the company, and now thoughts have turned to the next version of the Android smartphone. Today we have news that the Galaxy S3 pre-orders have soared but it is being reported that there will be no release until the Galaxy S2 gets Android ICS.

The Samsung Galaxy S III has been speculated about a lot in recent weeks but so far we have not had anything official from the company, and now according to a report on Redmond Pie companies that wish to stock the handset have been busy pre-ordering the device from Samsung.

Sources are claiming that channel partner companies have already ordered ten million units from Samsung ahead of its release to consumers around the world. Apple may be the number one smartphone company at the moment with more than 37 million iPhones shifted during the last quarter of 2011, but Samsung are experiencing increasing sales themselves.

Analysts believe the company has shifted more than forty million handsets during the first quarter of 2012, with over fifty million predicted to be shipped in the second quarter. The figures sound possible when you consider the alleged ten million pre-orders doesn’t include the overall sales of the device once it’s available, which should even beat the massive success the Galaxy S2 has seen.

Meanwhile it is being suggested that the Galaxy S3 won’t be released until the majority of the Galaxy S2 versions have received the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update. We have already reported on the situation affecting users in the UK with owners of SIM free versions still waiting for the update, and according to an article on IBTimes the Galaxy S3 release has been delayed because of the slow rollout of the ICS upgrade to the various versions of the Galaxy S2.

Many believe that Samsung has to show it is not abandoning customers by getting the new OS out to all Galaxy S2 variants ahead of the new model being launched. Currently there is no date been given for when US users will be seeing some ICS magic on their smartphones, and AT&T have only recently pushed out the new OS as an over the air update to the HTC Vivid, which was the first move of its kind in the country.

Will you be getting the Samsung Galaxy S III when it is released?


23 thoughts on “Galaxy S3 pre-orders soar but no release until S2 gets ICS”

  1. tigerltf says:

    I am having a hard time deciding to buy an S2 now or wait for S3 with no release date….Sigh……”To wait or not to wait, that is the question”

    1. Dragonfreak1980 says:

      If you don’t wany to wait just get the htc one x, but personally i will be waiting for the s3, should deffinately be worth the wait

    2. Igor S says:

      I decided to wait.
      Although I’d rather buy a windows phone – but I’m pretty sure current WinPhone model stack will be abandoned as soon as Win8 Phone is released (later this year).
      So what the hell – I’d better buy some good android model – and sell it in 6-9 months.

      Having Galaxy Tab – I pretty much trust Samsung quality. They shouldn’t dissapoint us.

    1. Neophile says:

      why get the 4s, it was outdated when it was released..wait for a good device. If you really can’t wait, get a Galaxy Nexus, it’ll crush the 4s

  2. I was going to wait for the S3 but I’m getting the Note now I think. I hate waiting. I played around with the Note and it’s fantastic. When the Note get’s Android 4, it will be one of the best on the market.

  3. Rich 80 says:

    Those who want the S3, just wait a bit longer! I was eligible for an upgrade in February and despite being tempted by a few phones I’m gonna wait. The S3 will almost certainly be out by June as Samsung said it will be launched the first half of this year. It may well be out before then so you have a 2 month wait at the most. How bad would you feel settling for something else cos you couldn’t wait and then a month later S3 comes out and you think damn, I shoulda waited!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I just upgraded to the VZW G-Nexus in Dec because my OG Droid gave up on me, so I won’t be getting the S3. But if I would be up for an upgrade I would defenitely wait for the S3 to come out and compare it with the rest of the devices available at that time.

    1. Si says:

      Wait on the S3, HTC Customer Service is shocking. The main @HTC Twitter
      account won’t even answer questions from loyal customers! What hope of even adequate service do you have if
      things go wrong. I’m switching to Samsung, hang in there buddy 🙂

  5. Lance Miller says:

    After what has happened with the galaxy S2 update to ICS I cannot justify ordering yet another Samsung or continuing to be a T-Mobile customer. No wonder T-Mobile lost so many customers late month & continues to be a 3rd rated  service provider. If there ever was a time that T-Mobile needed to shine by getting ICS out quickly this was it.
    I guess t-mobile exec’s didn’t care that if they had been the first ones out of gate with ICS it would have gone a long ways in restoring their image as a reliable & customer caring cellular provider. 
    Also, I guess they are just to stupid to know that they would have gotten millions in free advertising from all the web blogs, new print & social networks reporting how they had already upgraded their Galaxy S2 customers. 

    This ICS fiasco is the final nail in the coffin for T-Mobile and will cost them thousands of subscribers in the long run.

    I would have liked to be a fly on the wall in the T-Mobile board room when the T-Mobile worthless wonders tried to explain why Apple is kicking Android / T-Mobile butt so badly. 

  6. Man U 1-4 QPR (Est. 1991) says:

    Miller – Are you on a wind up? Apple kicking Android butt? Let’s be clear, iphone
    users are predominately women & children, with insecure men making up the rest.
    Fruit based phones lack functionality (when are they gonna get flash support
    FFS!!) and still charge a premium price!


    Go ahead
    and enjoy your ‘granny smith’ while the rest of the adult male population wait
    for that lovely bundle of Samsung joy.

    1. MattSharp says:

       I completely agree with you Man U! Lance is clearly a diluded 40 year old, with little knowledge of the current tech. I mean, forgetting all of the problems with apples products, you’re abuying a fcking phone with an apple logo. That is bad news from the beginning mate. The only thing that apple has going for it is simplicity. Thats who they market for. Interestingly enough i could therefore come to the conclusion that over 40 million people are dumb, correct? I would say many more though. People dont give the android interface a chance, good things take time people. Don’t kid yourself into believing that apple have won. Far from it. The human population are thankfully catching up to this techno boost and realising that they are paying for a product that just isnt worth the money. On the other hand, the galaxy series have been nothing but good pricing for what you pay for. Samsung are winning. Sit down lance you fool.

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