Frustrating Nokia Lumia 900 data connection problems

Only earlier today we published an article to remind readers that the Nokia Lumia 900 was released by AT&T yesterday. This is a long-awaited smartphone that we reckon many will be heading out to purchase but it has now been brought to our attention that some new Lumia 900 owners are having problems with their data connectivity and we’re wondering if you are one of them?

The AT&T Lumia 900 release was much anticipated by many eager to get their hands on this Windows Phone smartphone but as so often happens with a major product launch, any problems quickly become apparent and it seems this is the case with AT&T’s Nokia Lumia 900. If you haven’t already purchased your Lumia 900 but were intending too it may be worth holding off until this reported issue is resolved. However, if you were one of the eager first adopters of this flagship Nokia handset you may have noticed problems yourself.

News of the problem came to us from Phone Arena which reports that a data connectivity problem seems to be occurring for some users whereby they cannot connect to either a 2G, 3G or 4G LTE data network. This is understandably causing frustration and the site reports that the issue is already the subject of much discussion at Nokia Support Discussions and WPCentral Forums.

A tipster claiming to be an AT&T employee has acknowledged the issue alluding to mass production in Mexico and saying that “there is a defect with the imei’s registering to the data network on 2g, 3g and 4g data.” The same source also said that AT&T and Nokia are attempting to remove defective stock and told how data appears to work on first boot but after restarts, reboots, turning off data or switching on airplane mode, then stops working even though data connectivity still shows.

Phone Arena also shows a solution (Phone Arena link above, which appears to have worked for some users but not others, however some who it has worked for have noted that the problem eventually re-occurs. The Verge also reports on this problem stressing that voice calls and texts are unaffected but of course lack of data connectivity is hugely important to many and the fact that this glitch has become apparent so quickly is a source of annoyance for plenty of people. The Verge also tells how they noted this problem on a review unit they were supplied with last week but were assured the issue was purely to do with provisioning of those handsets within AT&T’s system and that the same problem would not occur on retail units.

AT&T has been asked to comment and it will certainly be interesting to see what the carrier has to say about this problem. We’d like to get an idea of how widespread this issue is so if you have already purchased the Nokia Lumia 900 on AT&T and have noticed an issue let us know. Also you could pass on a solution that has worked for you? How do you feel about this fault on your brand new smartphone?


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