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Many of you will have heard of the Google Art Project, launched last year and giving people the opportunity to look at high-resolution images of art in galleries around the world. Some of the most highly respected galleries are featured such as the Tate in London and the Uffizi in Florence and today we have news of an iPad app concerning the Google Art Project for you to enjoy.

Vizeum is compatible with iPads running iOS 4.2 or later and is a free educational app for art enthusiasts. An unofficial Google Art Project client, it allows the user to enjoy art from the comfort of wherever they are on their iPad. We reckon it’s the kind of absorbing app that you might intend using for five minutes and still be there several hours later. You can download Vizeum at this link.

The artworks you want to look at can be zoomed up to nine levels and you can view them as though in the museum. You can also find information related to the artwork as well as videos and arrange the art you’ve viewed into your own collections. You can also synchronize collections with your Google Art Project account if you have one.

Using the app to view artworks is made even more convenient with gestures such as double tap or pinch to zoom, or zoom out with the tap of two fingers. You can also move around the museum with the use of double tapping and when you spot an artwork that you want to take a closer look at simply tap on the small yellow signs that you can see.

If you want to find out more about Google Art Project you maybe interested in the official webpage here or a Google Art Project App page with install links here. We’d also be interested to hear from readers who know of any other iPad apps linked to the Google Art Project. As for Vizeum we think many readers will get a lot of enjoyment from this app so maybe you could let us know what you think of it?


4 thoughts on “iPad app alternatives for Google Art Project”

  1. Mrtnbrwn says:

    I tried this app, needs some work… found the wander through the museum section froze allot and kept throwing up 403 errors, as I entered each room.. Also only has the original list of galleries that were listed on the google art project are there, none of the new galleries are listed.

  2. Kimfinley says:

    Suggestion: More artwork less museum. This app is resembles the Google Art Project but doesn’t have nearly the 30,000 works of art. Ok, that would be too much to expect. But, frankly, who needs a virtual tour of a museum? Paint drying shot in slow motion would be better. The art on the other hand is spectacular and the more I see the more I want to see. Google doesn’t seems to want to offer is to the iPad users even though there are how many users? That’s too bad, it’s a huge disappointment, I would have expected more.

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