Geocaching app is best treasure hunting game

If you are one of the many that enjoys a treasure hunt game on a global scale along with sharing your treasure hunting adventures online, and you own an iOS or Android device you can join in a real-world outdoor treasure hunt whereby hunters seek out hidden containers that are called geocaches.

The Geocaching app is available on both iOS and Android platforms and is a high-tech treasure hunting game played across the globe by adventure seekers that own a GSP equipped device, and the basic idea is to get outside and locate those hidden geocaches using GPS.

Players of Geocaching use a combination of GPS, WiFi positioning and cell towers to determine their approximate location then the Geocaching app queries the Geocaching.com database in real time and delivers a list of hidden geocaches that are near your location.

There are two Geocaching apps for iOS, a free version and a paid version that feature access to 3 geocaches near your current location, the ability to view geocache description and a hint, gain access to geocache size, difficulty and terrain ratings, the ability to navigate to geocaches via a simulated compass arrow or directly from the map screen.

The free Geocaching Intro app is available from iTunes, whist the paid version offers extra features such as the ability to access over 1,500,000 geocaches globally with description, attributes, gallery photos, hint, track items and recent logs and more, and costs $9.99.

There is of course also a Geocaching app for Android, which basically does the same as the iOS version and lets you get in on this global treasure hunting game and is available from Google Play at a cost of £6.19 roughly $9.84.

So we’d love to hear from any of our readers, whether iOS or Android, if you are playing Geocaching and if so what you think of the treasure hunting app, so feel free to let us know by dropping us a line to our comments area below.


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