iOS 6 for iTunes 11, iCloud goodness

Obviously most of the iOS faithful are waiting for Apple to deliver the next iteration of the iOS operating system, and of course the next instalment of iTunes in the form of iTunes 11, although naturally no one really knows when Apple will deliver these but usually the company delivers a new iTunes alongside a new iOS release.

According to the guys over at 9to5 Mac, Apple is working on iTunes 11 and that it will support future devices and iOS 6, and according to unnamed sources, Apple is currently working on under the hood changes rather than opting for cosmetic changes.

Apparently those sources say that although iTunes 11 will be compatible with iOS 6, it will come later and Apple could release iTunes 10x that will be compatible with the release of iOS 6, with one of the sources claiming that this is more than likely.

The guys also state that they are hearing that a revamped Apple Store and a full iTunes Store is still scheduled for launch sometime in the summer or fall, and a company known as Chomp has been bought by Apple to help with that revamp.

Furthermore, according to the guys, iTunes 11 will feature an increased presence of iCloud, with apparently a dedicate iCloud settings panel centralized within iTunes so it is accessible for user to easily control iCloud features when in iTunes, and include such features as iCloud device backups, iTunes in the Cloud, iTunes Match and more.

Of course as with all things Apple this hasn’t been confirmed by the company, and as such should for now at least be treated as speculation until such times as Apple dish the dirt on iTunes 11 and iOS 6, perhaps when they release the iPhone 5 later in the year.


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