Android Boeing phone slated 2012 release

Apparently there is a new Android smartphone that will be making an appearance at some point in 2012 that offers super secure communication, and that particular ultra secure smartphone will apparently be known as the Boeing Phone, the plan for which was recently announced by Boeing.

According to the guys over at Beta News, current clients of Boeing and in sectors with a premium confidentiality and security, with similar devices commanding a price tag between $15,000 and $20,000, however Boeing hopes to deliver the Android base Boeing Phone, under that price.

Apparently, Brian Palma, the company’s secure infrastructure chief, told National Defence Magazine, that there should be significant interest in not only intelligence and defence, but also in the commercial sector, and apparently the firm opted for Android because they believe their clients wish to use popular apps whilst keeping communications secure.

One would have though thought that as Boeing has a close relationship with Microsoft, the company uses the Windows Azure cloud computing platform that perhaps Boeing would have opted for Windows Phone for their Boeing Phone, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

It is unclear whether the new Android based smartphone will actually carry Boeing branding, and there is no word on any specification or actual release date for the device, but no doubt the average Android user out there probably wouldn’t be able to afford the Boeing phone anyway.

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