Best 5 football manager android apps

If you are an Android gamer out there that enjoys the beautiful game, and like to manage football teams, we thought we’d bring you a selection of the best football manager apps available for the Android platform so you can take your pick or perhaps you already have your favourite football manager app.

Although there are many football manager apps available, this is our pick of what we consider the top five manager apps out there, something you may or may not agree with, but anyway let’s get on to those Android apps…

The first of which is the Football Manager Handheld 2012 app for Android devices, which apparently it the world’s best football management game that enables the gamer to take control at any club from a choice of leagues in twelve countries, and command such things as transfers, tactic and training.

The Football Manager Handheld 2012 app even allows you to manager your team during live match days, the ability to pursue a career in a country’s league for go for the exclusive Challenge Mode that delivers a short term with clear goal challenge. Those 12 countries are England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Brazil, and Australia. The Football Manager Handheld 2012 app is available from Google Play at a cost of £6.99.

Next up we have the Fantasy Football Buddy app that enables the gamer to tweak, check and manage your Premier League fantasy football team including transferring, sub ordering, substitutions, transfer list sorting, and captain and vice captain selection.

The Fantasy Football Buddy also enables the gamer to track their team’s current points total, and individual player points breakdown, along with viewing points history and player info, global standing, and classic and head-to-head leagues. The Fantasy Football Buddy is available as a free download from Google Play.

Then we have the run Football Manager (soccer) app for Android, a multiplayer online Football soccer management game that enables the gamer to manage players, team, skills, income and football kit, while you manage your own team and build supporters.

The run Football Manager (soccer) app allows the gamer to meet and challenge other players online and play football, and is available from Google Play again as a free download to your chosen Android device.

Next up is the Kick it out! Football Manager app, again a mobile multiplayer online football manager that isn’t too complete and has been especially designed for use on smartphones, and enables the gamer to play friendly matches or play tournaments.

The Kick it out! Football Manager app has now been updated with huge improvements with new training, new design and more, and supports Apps2SD. The Kick it out! Football Manager app is yet again a free download from Google Play.

The 5th best Football Manager app is? This is where we would like to ask our readers to use the commenting area below and let us know what the 5th best football manager app is, thanks.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for mentioning Football Manager Handheld in your list – if anyone has any questions about that game feel free to post them here and I’ll do my best to answer them 😀

    Marc Vaughan – Sports Interactive Ltd

    1. I would like to know if we could put together a list of best players for FM12 android, obviously I have FM 12 for psp and pc always have always will, i’m a big big fan of the work Sport Interactive do year in year out, Basically i have just got FM12 for my phone and would love some help on buying players on a budget apart from the obvious players we all know. Many thanks  

      1. I’d recommend you visit the FMHVibe website, that contains a lot of useful articles and information about the game – including recommended tactics, shortlists of ‘preferred’ players and suchlike.

    2. Marsh says:

      A little late here mate, but I have a tablet(Transformer prime infinity) and have installed FMH 12 but it is only showing in a small screen(phone size?). I know FMH13 is in the works. Will that support tablets? I also know that you do not intend to have a full sim on handheld platform, but would it be possible to having maybe even something like the engine on say FM2007(Min req’s: P3 800 MHz processor, 128MB RAM)? I realise that the specs of tablets etc don’t compare to PCs these days but surely they could perform to match 2007’s requirements?

      1. MarcVaughan says:

        Sorry for the late reply – you should find later versions of FMH12 had a tablet skin available.

        FMH2013 actually has a ‘stretch’ option in preferences as well which will ensure the skin fully fits any resolution device.

      1. MarcVaughan says:

        Yes it should work fine on that phone …

        (its designed to work on any Android device with OS2.2 or above and a resolution in excess of 480×320 pixels)

    3. Nisarg C says:

      Football manager 2013 after the #4.3 update does not start on my htc explorer….dat includes new game & saved game….please help

    1. The Samsung Galaxy Y is below the required specification for the game (FMH requires 480×320 or above resolution, the Y is 320×240 resolution).

      According to the GooglePlay store that device is definitely blocked from being able to purchase the game – Can you confirm you have purchased the game through the store please?

      PS – The update which will be available in May will display a warning that your device isn’t supported instead of crashing, as we didn’t expect people to be able to install the game on sub-spec devices the game wasn’t tested on any.

  2. bri says:

    If anyone gets bored of fm crashing / not loading / being a generally poor experience then give MYFC Manager a try, much more phone friendly and it works too!!!

    1. MyFC is a decent sim, I know the person who makes it, he’s a very nice chap and I wouldn’t have a problem with anyone supporting his game 😀

      However I would like to mention that if you play FMH on a handset which is above the games specifcation (ie. 480×320 or above resolution and OS2.2 or above) then the game should be very very stable … if you attempt to run it on below that spec then I’m afraid it most likely won’t start.

    1. MarcVaughan says:

      On both FMH2012 and FMH2013 you should be fine – the experia j is 854 x 480 resolution I believe so should be fine for running the game, it’ll use 800×480 resolution for its skin by default so there will be a slight border top and bottom of the screen, but thats about it.

      (on FMH2013 – you could ask the game to stretch to full screen if you wanted to, but tbh for the sale of a few pixels I wouldn’t bother as the aspect ratio would be a bit ‘odd’ anyway)

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