Diablo 3 Guide app for Windows Phone

Diablo 3 by Blizzard will release May 15th, and whilst you wait you will be happy to know that Windows Phone users can get the complete Diablo 3 guide app via the Marketplace.

This new game is a PC exclusive that will be available via shops in the UK, Europe, US, Canada, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia and Macau. From the 7th June those in Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Mexico will have the option to buy the digital version of Diablo 3 via Battle. If you visit Blizzard.com you can reserve your digital copy of the game, please let us know if you do pre-order?

The game for Macintosh and Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7 has an estimated price tag of £44.99 for both disc and digital format, the collector’s edition will be £69.99.

Now getting back to the Diablo 3 Guide app for Windows Phone, this application published by Denham Software Solutions is free for Windows Phone 7.5 or higher. The full guide app offers: Class Skill Calculator, Full class list and descriptions, Detailed passive skills, Detailed active skills and related runes, it also comes with a full list of weapons, armour. There will be plenty more information added after May 15th.

Upcoming features for this app will include: Updated armoury, detailed walkthrough, Easter eggs, Bestiary and so much more. We must warn you that this application is not in any way shape or form endorsed, affiliated or licensed by Blizzard Entertainment. To install this app please visit the Windows Phone Marketplace. You might like to learn about other Diablo apps that may interest you here.


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