SOS GPS with KDDI Extreme Iridium satellite phone

Today we have news for you of a smartphone with a difference as KDDI has just released its first Iridium satellite phone with SOS GPS capability. Called the Extreme, this satphone features an SOS Button that can be used in case of emergencies and will show a GPS location.

The Iridium Extreme is now the slimmest and lightest Iridium satphone and is 10% slimmer and 7% lighter than its predecessor, the 9555. Dimensions for this water and dust resistant phone are 60mm x 140mm x 27mm and the weight is 247g. Standby mode lasts for around 30 hours while continuous talk time will last around 4 hours.

Those using the Extreme satphone can update their location with people in their address books from time to time via email. According to RocketNews24, sourced from KDDI, the SOS Button is on the top of the handset and when pushed sends an automatic message which includes their GPS position. Iridium’s satellite service across the world uses 66 satellites orbiting at around 780km above the earth and this low orbit means there is little delay when users talk to each other.

Because there is no need for terrestrial networks as users of the Extreme connect directly through satellite with other Iridium users, emergency service during normal disruptions for other networks won’t be affected. An Earth station in the U.S. is used for calls to landlines and mobile phones. The Iridium service is provided in Japan through KDDI, allowing users to connect with other regions that don’t have a good service and the service is ideal in times of emergency for those in business continuity planning and also corporations and municipalities.

If you want to take a closer look at the Iridium Extreme check out the video that we’ve embedded for you below this story. What are your thoughts on the Iridium Extreme satphone and its SOS Button GPS feature? Why not send us your comments to let us know.

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