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Social networking has grown into a big business in recent years with a growing way for people to communicate and interact with others. Facebook remains the biggest player in the field and users have a number of apps available that integrate with the site, and a recently updated application called Highlight lets users build connections.

The application is available for users of the iPhone and iPad and has been put through its paces by My Move, and it basically works to help users to get better acquainted with others that may be living around them. Highlight will provide users with mutual friends with common interests and let you know when a friend may be close by.

If you have moved to a new area it can be difficult to find new friends that have similar tastes or interests to you, but this new application may help you with that. The app will alert you if a friend from Facebook has joined Highlight, and their general location to you but not exact address, and will also tell you what friends you have in common that may have new contacts who have similar interests.

Currently the app is only available to iPad and iPhone users and only builds connections from the data that a user allows to be taken from their Facebook posts and information. So how much users can find out about other people is limited to what they put onto Facebook, and depending on what security settings you use on the site strangers will find out a lot more about you.

Users can be tracked via GPS that may be a little unsettling for some besides draining their devices battery life, and the recent update to the app hasn’t improved the effect it has on the battery life. For those that are comfortable with sharing information that regularly use social media the application will be worth a look, and as more users download Highlight it will be even more useful.

Highlight 1.1.2 is available on the App Store as free download for devices running iOS 4.2 or later.

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