T-Mobile UK BlackBerry Curve 9320 confusion

We’ve been keeping readers informed about the BlackBerry Curve 9320 and already heard how it was heading for a release in India. This is a low-end entry-level smartphone with frankly pretty unimpressive specs but it now seems that the Curve 9320 could also be headed to T-Mobile for a UK release, although there is a certain amount of confusion over this.

As a brief recap we’ll tell you that the BlackBerry Curve 9320 for India has a single-core processor, 2.44-inch QVGA display with resolution of 320×240, a QWERTY keyboard, 512MB of RAM, microSD slot for up to 32GB, 3.2-megapixel rear camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, FM radio and GPS, all running on BlackBerry OS 7.1 and the Curve 9320 for the UK is likely to have the same specs.

Now Engadget reports that a T-Mobile webpage for the Curve 9320 gives a UK release date for it in May. However some of you who’ve seen this report might be confused if you click on Engadget’s link to the T-Mobile page (here) as you’ll find plenty of details on BlackBerry phones but nothing for the Curve 9320. Closer inspection though reveals the source for the confusion. In another link to Engadget’s article to the Inquirer more information is given.

The Inquirer also tells of the T-Mobile webpage but informs that the page was prematurely published and that they just managed to grab a screenshot showing the Curve 9320 before the page was pulled again. It did show a UK release in May though and also the image shows faux metal casing. Confusion over then hopefully, although we’d imagine the relevant page will soon be back with all the correct details as May is not that far off now.

Are you surprised that RIM looks to be releasing this entry-level BlackBerry in the UK? What are your thoughts on the Curve 9320? Send us your comments on this phone.


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  1. T mobile is perfect and Handles Most of the Companies campaign’s, and they are very competent in making advertising campaign’s successful. Its really shocking that RIM just introducing single core Processor.

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