Words Rumble Android app pleases brain

Users of the Android and iOS platforms have a number of great apps at their disposal that cover a wide variety of uses. Gaming is now a big business in the mobile app world with a huge choice available, and games can also be educational while being fun for all ages to enjoy. One such app for Android users is called Words Rumble that pleases the brain with a good workout.

The Words Rumble application brings those famous word searches that we often purchase for those long journeys to your mobile device. Users will have great fun finding words that are hidden in a grid sliding their finger over adjacent letters to form the words and win points.

Words Rumble will test user’s reaction times along with their wits as they try to succeed against the clock to reach the top. Users can test their knowledge in Danish, English, Norwegian, and Swedish. The developers have promised that a multiplayer player version is currently in the works so players can challenge their friends or even select a random player to do battle with.

A Dutch version of the game is also in development according to the games makers, and Words Rumble for Android is available in both a free ad supported version and an ad free paid for version from the Google Play Store.

The application has been met with mixed reviews so far with some saying the game doesn’t always activate when trying to play, but others have said when working the game is really good. The developers have said they are aware of a freezing problem that will be addressed in the next update, and you could always download the free version to begin with to see if you like it.

Have you played Words Rumble or something similar?

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