Tasty smartphone release snippets from Verizon roadmap

If you’ve been after release news for the Samsung Galaxy S3 or Apple iPhone 5, or would like some information on an upcoming new HTC flagship phone to rival the Galaxy Note then we have some good news for you. A Verizon roadmap for summer and fall smartphone releases that has been leaked today gives 3 very tasty snippets indeed about all of the above.

The Galaxy S3 is big news right now with an event next week due to finally reveal the next Samsung flagship device and one of the big questions regarding this smartphone is whether Verizon will be carrying it this time. Many Verizon customers were disappointed last year when Verizon chose to ignore the Galaxy S2 and prioritized the Galaxy Nexus instead. When we posted a recent article about the odds of Verizon carrying the Galaxy S3 we had many comments along the lines that the Big Red certainly should carry the new Galaxy S this time around and some people even mentioned that if not they would jump ship to a different carrier.

Good news then if a leaked Verizon roadmap, as reported by BGR, is to be believed. The late summer/early fall roadmap reveals that Verizon WILL carry the Galaxy S3 although no release date is given. BGR assumes though that the Galaxy S3 will be available in the summer and we’d say that’s almost a given seeing as the big reveal is due next week.

One of the other tastiest morsels from the leaked roadmap regards the iPhone 5. Earlier today we discussed how WWDC 2012 had already sold out probably in anticipation of iOS 6 and also the iPhone 5. Two timeframes for the iPhone 5 release have been widely speculated, either in June following WWDC or in the fall, which we felt was most likely. BGR exclusively tells how the iPhone 5 is indeed scheduled for a fall launch so a bit longer to wait for that one.

Finally one of the other pieces of information that we found most interesting concerns a new important HTC device to rival the Samsung Galaxy Note. Details given include a huge 5-inch 1080p HD display, quad-core Krait processor, Adreno graphics and a Scribe pen, with HTC Sense 5.0. This one is due to hit Verizon in the fall and is one we’ll be following closely.

Although we cannot verify BGR’s source for the Verizon roadmap we do know that BGR is one of the most likely sites for reliable information and that many of its ‘exclusive’ leaks turn out to be accurate so here’s hoping! Which of these 3 snippets most interests you. Are you waiting for the Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5? Maybe you’re as intrigued as we are about the major new HTC device? Your comments are always appreciated.