Possible new Sony Xperia Play with double sliding mechanisms

When the Xperia Play from Sony Ericsson was announced last year there was an awful lot of excitement and hype for the first PlayStation certified gaming smartphone although sales didn’t take off as expected. Today we have news on the possibility of a new Xperia Play phone, which could have double sliding mechanisms, as suggested by a patent that has just been granted.

Last year before the actual release of the Xperia Play the idea of a PlayStation phone seemed like a dead cert hit but the specs and gaming experience didn’t seems to live up to expectations and it wasn’t long before prices were being slashed. However, we have to point out that many of those who actually purchased the Xperia Play were quite happy with their smartphone choice and may be interested in an updated version.

A new Sony patent has now come to light, which was originally filed back in 2010 as reported by Engadget but has apparently only just been granted by the USPTO. It could be that this design idea has long since been forgotten then but another possibility is that a new Xperia Play could be on the way featuring two sliding mechanisms, one for a gamepad and the other for a keyboard.

From the designs it appears that a keyboard would be the default slideout, which would then engage the other sliding unit. However, once open either one of the slideouts could be disengaged leaving one available to use. It’s certainly an intriguing idea and we have a feeling that even the possibility of a new Xperia Play phone will be enough to get many people interested.

What about you? Are you interested in the idea of a brand new Xperia Play handset? Does the idea of two sliding mechanisms seem like a good idea to you or maybe you think a new Xperia Play will never happen? Let’s have your comments on this


14 thoughts on “Possible new Sony Xperia Play with double sliding mechanisms”

  1. Greenlatin says:

    Detachable controls that fit seemlesly with the phone. Thats the only way i see sony getting market share. Physical keyboards and such are done but detachable ones havent really been done to great success. I like where their going with the keyboard game control mechanism but as one unit it becomes a chunky MF. People want options the devices being separate give them one. Look to asus and the transformer prime for proof.

    1. Bmaximum says:

      Take the playstation vita, shrink it, make it so you can place a call…give it a quad core 3Ghz processor, put it on the 3g 4g network with the ability to be compatible with the next gen network. Make it a dual boot with the choice of an os and have it linkable with the playstation network and I’d pay top dollar. As fast as a shrunken ps3 was created it’s definitely within the realm of the imagination to build this beast…

  2. Neil_jr says:

    I just enjoy my Xperia Play for Crash Bandicoot ps1 favourite titles like spyro, and emulators N64, genesis, etc. So much fun to play classic games on a portable device with a “controller” just wish I could map the touch pads 🙁

  3. Homer3877 says:

    Really like my xperia play. I look forward to a new, updated model. I like the controls, but i play alot of games and have gotten used to them. my only wish is to have a larger screen, louder speakers andmore accessories (hdmi).

  4. picksee209 says:

    The sliding keyboard is REDICULOUS. Leave the design of the phone alone except (like Homer 3877 says) make it bigger with loudspeakers. Also, ( and I have the same complaint with every smartphone) It needs more Internal storage. Also, a major better battery life… So I guess maybe it should just be station vita the phone version. Do it Sony. I would by one for myself, my husvand, and my son

    1. bigmo says:

      Hay!!!!!! I’m from d caribbean & I Love wat picksee209 said……….. LEAVE d design of. d phone alone it’s beautiful that way ,more internal memory….. little bigger will be accepted,in size….with ice offcourse …….there isn’t anything else I could fable about this type of phone ……..it’s just WONDERFUL ENGINEERING u guys at Sony ericsson keep it up …….BLESS

  5. birdsandballs says:

    Design should be left alone, maybe a little thinner, but generally the same with the single slide function. More internal memory and bigger RAM, it lags quite a lot at the moment. Speakers should be left to the left of the phone, buttons should be like the neo L, I like them a lot. This is mostly what a dream phone is for me

  6. Ricky Vasquez says:

    I would love a new xperia play. I think that this phone is not being mentioned enough to Sony.Another gaming phone is just what customers want we definitely need a new one.

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