Socialcam Android app needs overdue major update

Although the Socialcam for iOS looks to be one of the better video sharing applications, it appears that the Android version of the app is somewhat lacking, as apparently the Android Socialcam app has quite a few issues and requires some attention from developers.

That’s the opinion of the guys over at Cnet who have given some time to reviewing the Socialcam Android app, and have found that the app only offers the option to log into Facebook and even then that often fails to work, and they even tried to do so via two differing devices and two different accounts, and apparently found that even basic actions were somewhat hit and miss.

The guys also say that when they did get the Socialcam Android app to work, the problems continued, as the application failed to load user videos other than a single Socialcam promo, and thus they couldn’t interact at all with the community, which is supposed to be a major part of the app experience.

However the app could shoot and share video, and also allows tagging friends, adding a title, along with sharing to Twitter, Facebook and others.

The guys say that the Socialcam app for Android hasn’t seen an update since way back in August last year, and say that there isn’t even an app download like to shoot you off to Google Play on the Socialcam website, although you can go direct to Google Play if you really want the app.

However, the guys are somewhat confident that Socialcam for Android will some day get updated so it can function as It should. So with that said we’d like to hear from any of our Android readers out there that use the Socialcam app to let us know if they are experiencing the same problems as mentioned above, and if so have you opted to go for a different video sharing app such as Intsagram?


3 thoughts on “Socialcam Android app needs overdue major update”

  1. disppointed android customer says:

    When I first installed.the app, I was able to record and post videos. Now, it only allows me ro watch others videos and post comments. Everytime I click the video camera to record, it send me a message box saying this application has failed with a force close or report selection. I have reported this several times but it still doesnt work. I am very disappointed and frustrated that i am unable ro communicate thru video with my feiends. I have the htc inspire

  2. risssaaaaaa says:

    I’m sick of not being able to fully enjoy this app. Like iPhones are getting favorited and they make it very obvious. I want to make it known the importance of this but don’t really know how so I hope pposting this will make for some attention. Ugh. Android is so amazing why wouldn’t they want us to have the full expirence? Bullshit in my eyes. Pure

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