Colourful Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cases replaces back covers

As each day passes we are getting closer and closer to the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3, and with any new smartphone a number of accessories become available for it. With this handset though the company decided to provide a number of official accessories that includes the colourful Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip cases that replace the back covers.

We have already spoken about some of the official accessories that will be available for the handset when it is released in under two weeks time, but online retailer Mobile Fun has the genuine Samsung Flip Covers that will be available in a variety of colours. There will come in five new colours that includes Ceramic White, Orange, Pink, Light Blue, Lemon Yellow, and Chrome Blue.

This smart looking accessory will protect your new handset from scratches and scrapes as well as front on knocks. The Flip Cover replaces the back cover of the handset via a flexible rubber bumper but not adding any bulk, and then is folded over the front when not in use. This will protect that important screen from everyday life without adding any thickness associated with other flip cases.

They are made from good quality synthetic materials that will help you keep your Samsung Galaxy S III looking like new, and the cover is strong enough to take life’s bumps and scraps without blemishing. All of the handsets features are still accessible while the Flip Cover is in use, such as the power and volume buttons, headphone and charging ports, and of course the front and rear cameras.

Each of the Flip Covers are available from the online retailer for £29.95 and are available for pre-order now for priority dispatch once they are released. Use the link provided to see all of the colours of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover.


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