Facebook smartphone possibly fatal for iPhone 5

I’m sure most by now have heard the speculation that Facebook is stepping into the smartphone hardware business, with the long rumoured Facebook phone, and apparently it appears that Facebook it trying to one up Apple by delivering a Facebook phone, but could the Facebook phone be fatal for the iPhone 5?

The guys over at Forbes have now given their opinion on whether the Facebook phone is a likely prospect citing the New York Times report to kick off with, and the fact that many tech blogs picked up on the news and speculated on whether the Facebook phone would be fatal for the iPhone 5.

I’m sure most know that it isn’t unprecedented for a software firm to get into the hardware game, as we know Google has done so, although they haven’t confirmed their desire to guild anything but software, and Microsoft also found new revenue by building their own devices, with the Xbox 360 becoming one of the company’s most profitable products.

However, when it comes to Facebook, they say that it is unlikely that Facebook will actually get into the manufacturing game but rather optimise and enhance an existing smartphone made by another maker such as HTC or Samsung, which they say is a ‘far cry’ from the hype surrounding the Facebook phone.

Having said that, it isn’t known just how much cash Facebook might be throwing into the development of the still unconfirmed Facebook phone; however in acquiring Instagram Facebook has shown they are now afraid to spend a large amount of money on a project, and as such if rumour turns out to be spot on, if Facebook believes they need to make their own smartphone they will probably be quite willing to spend the necessary cash in order to do so.

So in finalising they say what would a billion dollar Facebook phone look like remains to be seen, but even if a Facebook phone can get close to matching the look and specs of the iPhone 5, it is unlikely that a Facebook phone would be a serious threat to the dominance of Apple.

So we’d like to know what our readers think on this matter, do you think if Facebook does finally deliver the much rumoured Facebook phone it could pose a big threat and be fatal to the iPhone 5, or do you believe the iPhone 5 will remain the dominant smartphone in the mobile space?


7 thoughts on “Facebook smartphone possibly fatal for iPhone 5”

  1. danheb says:

    Facebook will have a couple misssteps before figuring it out right, but most of the facebook account are not people, they’re companies or products or inactive accounts, so what will be their market?
    I will never buy a phone for an app, I would buy a smartphone for the user’s experience at that point what has Facebook to offer that I can’t get anywhere else…for the moment Absolutely Nothing!!

    Sure I have a Facebook account but I spend way more time using other app than on Facebook which is not a really good mobile app or experience for now, SMS or MMS are way faster for my use…at least I can make sure the right people get my message 😉

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