Samsung Galaxy S3 blitzes iPhone 4S already

This year Samsung changed tact with regards to showcasing its latest Galaxy S smartphone by giving the handset an unveiling all of its own in London, while in previous years the company revealed the new model at the annual MWC event. It seems that all the hype and publicity has helped the Samsung Galaxy S3 to blitz the iPhone 4S already when it comes to a chart complied in the UK.

According to uSwitch the Galaxy S3 soared to the top of its Mobile Tracker chart and ending the white version of the iPhone 4S brief stay at the top of the tree. The chart is compiled by combining actual sales and web searches and comes only a couple of days after the Samsung smartphone being released.

Previously before the iPhone 4S hit the number one spot last month the Galaxy S2 had been at the top of the chart for eleven months on the trot, and it was only revealed yesterday how well last year’s device had been selling. Even though it has now been replaced by this year’s model it is still sitting at number three in the chart.

Meanwhile the recently released HTC One X is placed at number four one place ahead of the popular Samsung Galaxy Note. Many reviewers comparing the two handsets have favoured the Galaxy S3, and the device is probably the most hyped handset besides the iPhone.

It has to be remembered though that the iPhone 4S has now been available since October, and the device is basically a reworked iPhone 4 with its main new feature being an improved processor alongside the built in Siri application.

Many consumers will now be sitting tight to see what Apple next does with its flagship smartphone before deciding what to buy next. Speculation is mounting that we will see an all new handset this year, and one that brings with it a slightly bigger screen.

Will you be getting the Samsung Galaxy S3 or are you waiting to see what the iPhone 5 will be like?


30 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 blitzes iPhone 4S already”

    1. Aflie says:

      yeah, a Korean company with a global market base should definitely ignore the ROW and launch in the US first. 

  1. Sam says:

    If Samsung launched in the US first it would not be able to keep up with supply. If it releases everywhere else it can make more units and when it has more supply then launch in the US. Avengers released in the rest of the world before US. This created alot more hype and envy in the US and The Avengers bacame the biggest opening release ever.

  2. Andrew says:

    The Apple is so 90’s now. Comparing it the S3 is a joke in all aspects. It looks like a babies toy when placed alongside the new Androids.

  3. Johnny says:

    I already have it, s3.. It’s perfect !!! Don’t know how iPhone 5 will look like and I don’t care..

  4. Sam says:

    I believe that Android is getting stronger and stronger every year. And with more suppliers making better handsets and android software being just as good it will evuantually squueze Apple out of the market or maybe like Nokia, RIM or windows phone with hardly any sales. I can’t see how Apple can compete. So I can see the same thing happening to like windows did to Apple in the 80’s. But this time around windows in Android. I can see the same thing happening in about 5 years to Windows. That Android will evuantually take over their market share. I just can’t see windows competing with the $100 or so it is charging for software. I like windows though it is a good product. And I love my netbook over a tablet. But I am still going to give Android 5 years and I think it will overtake windows. 

    1. Josh Alfred says:

      Then you are ignorant and naive to what’s actually going on.

      Firstly, Android is a mobile OS therefore it cannot overtake windows in computers. Also, Widows for computers is not going anywhere because google has tried but Chrome OS has failed to compete.

      Apple too is not going anywhere because they are eating up most of the profits in both computers and smartphones .

      The fact that you use and like a “netbook” just tells me you have no clue about technology. Netbooks are a piece of junk and should be used as a necessity only.

  5. trob6969 says:

    Apple’s mistake is being content with iPhone’s sells based on a fashion-like brand name rather than competitive features and functions.

    1. Josh Alfred says:

      How is that apple’s making mistakes when they’re the richest tech company in the world and have the highest satisfaction rating by consumers for smartphones?? Glaxy s3 is an awesome phone but accept it the iPhone is also great phone and apple is doing something right.

      Please mate think before you speak.

      1. trob6969 says:

        Think before I speak?! How about you think about what you read before you comment on it. I’ll clarify: Apple is making a mistake by NOT capitalizing on its cult-like following by allowing Android to continually gain market share due to producing more capable phones. Apple ALREADY has a HUGE consumer base, so why would Apple NOT make sure to produce the most complete phone to KEEP its following?!

        1. The Tattered Prince says:

           Android fanboys are indeed obnoxious. I have both SG3 and 4s, the “only great” thing that the SG3 has over the 4s that I like is the bigger display. Other than that, 4s trumps any Android phone out there!

          1. trob6969 says:

            LOL! Give SPECIFIC details how your iPhone 4s “trumps” any Android!…that’s funny!

  6. The Mooncat says:

    I have the Galaxy S3 and its a great handset very stable and fast but it doesn’t make the iPhone 4S look that dated or out perform it! If my 4S had a bigger screen I would not have got rid in favour of the S3 and will certainly be interested in what the iPhone 5 has to offer when it arrives.

    People mistake iPhone users as sheep who just want the BRAND but its really that they want a stable phone with  great apps and features. Its also fast and stable as a ROCK with tons of high quality apps and generally the 4S stands out from the crowd.

    Its just too small though LOL

    1. trob6969 says:

      What “great” features does iPhone 4s have?…just curious to know.

      1. Josh Alfred says:

        Umm the most simple and intuitive os around.

        The fact that it immediately works without a lot of tinkering. The fact that you don’t need to customize or tinker with it is actually one of the greatest desired features for the average consumer.

        The fact that it becomes better when used with other apple products. Think “the ecosystem”.

        Apple don’t add 4g when it’s going to stuff up the battery life, instead they wait to do it right. Adds to the 2nd point that people don’t need to think about “how” to use it. Less to worry about is time saved.

        1. trob6969 says:

          So you’re saying iPhone’s “great” features are its LACK of features?! Ooookaaay…

  7. ANTI-FOOL says:

    Imagine an apple locked in a cage.
    Imagine a robot free to do what it wants with no limits.
    Now think what one would you prefer to watch.

  8. Jay11 says:

    I’ve had phone’s from day one there just getting boring know so got a g3 and I wish I changed from iphone to android years ago I won’t be going back

  9. ChrisHD32 says:

    iPhone doesn’t need to over do it in design and new features every year. People will still swarm to it in masses. Until Apple starts seeing a reduction in unit sells they wont need to refresh drastically. It’s best for them to slowly upgrade their handsets at the lowest cost possible if the numbers of sells keep increasing. Remember it’s a public trading company and if they were to put everything wanted in the next iPhone, it will only make it harder for them to out-do it in the following generation? They did the same with the first iPad. They didn’t include a camera which guaranteed them more sells in the second generation of iPad’s when a camera was included. They know how to play the market.

  10. Dak666 says:

    Got two S3s, and a One-X.  Selling the One-X though, to pay back my credit card 🙁

    Really enjoying the S3!

  11. jay says:

    I phone is shi* and ill never get back to it since i got S3 . way much better and no problems at all

    1. Joeweeks says:

      Have you downloaded a new theme yet? Probably. How about widgets? Almost definitely. If not, you will in future, as you will find that Android OS is just not sufficient, nor is it aesthetically or functionally pleasing. Apple restricts personalisation features, but you don’t need to personalise, and Android let’s you, and you bloody well have to.
      And don’t forget that iOS tops customer satisfaction surveys AND over 80% of iPhone users regularly bother to update their OS, whereas a mere 5% of Android users have Android’s latest dairy product installed. The fact is that the android OS cannot possibly be better than iPhone OS, and not can the phones, because Apple only have one phone, and one OS to optimise for it. Android is like running XP on an Alienware, the OS cannot take advantage of its features. I know, I have both.

  12. Marinos says:

    i have been fan of iphone for 8 years got the iphone 2g,3g and then 4. When i saw galaxy s2 from my friend and try it was superb. After 2 months the monster machine s3 came out i was like you know i will go for the change. The results AMAZING im really impressed i didnt believe it was going to be so good. you guys should try it and see for your selves.

  13. Blake Zimmerman says:

    It’s always the same story year after year, the iPhone will dominate the market, the new features will make Android go crazy changing there phones until they have all the same features. Android will add a few extra features to make there phone sell well, these added features will probably be one year wonders. Then Apple will release it’s new iPhone and the process repeats. I could care less what Android does, because they suck all around they put their product out there when it still has the ruff edges. I had an Android and realized how crapy it was, so I switched to an iPhone, best decision I could have made. The iPhone has been perfect for me.