iOS 6 brings new features ahead of fall release

Earlier today Apple’s keynote speech took place at the WWDC event with the company revealing its next version of its mobile operating system, iOS 6. The new software is promised to have 200 new features, and the beta for iOS 6 is available now ahead of a fall release.

We have already told you about the deeper integration of Facebook in the upcoming software, and the fact that Siri has been updated with extra functionality, but there were a number of other new features announced by the company. As expected Google Maps has been ditched in favour of Apple’s own maps system, and as Wired are reporting includes 3D city renders, business listings, turn-by-turn navigation, and traffic reports.

It will also offer a service were anonymous data is gained from other iPhone users and if the app is aware of traffic problems on your route, it will automatically reroute you. Passbook is a new digital system that will support on screen versions of items such as plane boarding passes among other things, but it is currently unclear how companies will support this but users should be able to purchase a ticket for a movie, and once its downloaded to the app just show it at the door to see the film.

There will now be 3G support for FaceTime and users will be able to sync their phone number to their Mac, so if a user calls someone via FaceTime from their laptop it will show up as if it’s calling from your phone and iMessage will also offer the same option.

The Mail application is getting updated with users being able to insert photos and videos when sending new email and VIP starring will allow the flagging up of email from important contacts along with support for password protected attachments. The operating system will be released in the fall probably around the same time as the iPhone 5, and will be supported by the iPhone 3GS and later, and the last two versions of the iPad along with the iPod Touch 4G.


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