Pinstagram app for iPad available beating Pinterest & Instagram

Many of our readers will already have heard of social networks Instagram and also Pinterest but have you also heard of Pinstagram? Pinstagram is a more recent innovation which amalgamates the best parts of both Pinterest and Instagram and now the Pinstagram dedicated iPad app is available, before in fact an equivalent app from both of its inspirations.

Pinstagram was only launched last month but has been attracting a lot of attention offering the best functions of hot Internet properties Pinterest and Instagram. News of the Pinstagram app for iPad will no doubt please a lot of people as although both Pinterest and Instagram are available as iOS apps neither has yet come up with a dedicated iPad app. The clever Pinstagram app allows the user to post their Instagram favorites to their Pinterest boards and if you’re familiar with Pinterest’s waterfall layout you can imagine how your Instagram feed could look upon it.

Pinstagram is already available as a desktop app but the app for iPad will now allow those tablet users to search keywords, like and comment on Instagram feeds and photos as well as share details to Facebook and Twitter. Pinstagram co-creator Pek Pongpaet pointed to the new iPad (iPad 3) with Retina display as the perfect vehicle for Pinstagram with high-resolution, although it is also compatible with the original iPad and iPad 2.

If you’re wondering why the Pinstagram app has come to web and iPad platforms first, Pongpaet said this is because these were the areas where Instagram was missing, in a discussion with Mashable. As Pongpaet explained, “If people are already using Instagram on their iPhones, it would be duplicating Instagram’s effort. We’ll never be a better Instagram than Instagram.” You can find the Pinstagram.co app for iPad at iTunes here. It’s a free app and is for iPads running iOS 5.0 or later. It’s a neat idea and we have a feeling a lot of people will be satisfied by Pinstagram as a dedicated iPad app.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on Pinstagram for iPad. Are you eager to download the new app? You may have been one of the first to check it out in which case perhaps you can let us and other readers know what you thought of the app by sending your comments.


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