Problems with Temple Run : Brave on iOS & Android

Earlier today we told of the news that the new Temple Run: Brave game for iOS was now available in the App Store and then updated that article later to say that the Android version was now also available in the Google Play store. This game is set to be hugely popular if the success of the original Temple Run game is anything to go by but we are beginning to hear of some problems.

The new Temple Run: Brave game is listed as being from Disney rather than the original’s Imangi Studios because Imangi have collaborated with Disney/Pixar to tie in Temple Run with the new Brave movie. We gave further details about the game in our earlier report so check out more at the link on the game. However when looking at comments about the game from those who have already downloaded it from Google Play or the App Store it appears that everything is not quite as smooth as it should be.

You can find the Android Temple Run: Brave on Google Play here, or the iTunes iOS Temple Run for iPad and iPhone here. Obviously there have not been too many comments made by users so far as the game only became available today but for the Android version we can see that some users have reported lag on the game. Although some user comments say it’s working fine there are other comments complaining about lag or it being unresponsive and not saving power ups. Others point out that the game still needs work, has hiccups and poor gameplay and one user says they can’t even open the game and that it’s force closing.

It would be easy to think then that any problems with Temple Run: Brave on iOS would be the same but although there are some similar remarks among the iTunes user comments on the game there appears to be a more bizarre issue, at least for UK users. In the UK iTunes store there have been comments during the day and more by this evening saying that the game appears to be in French.

These are users who’ve purchased the game from iTunes UK and paid in £ sterling but this doesn’t seem to be an isolated case. Comments include some regarding lag and poor performance again but others are from gamers who are more concerned about the game being in a foreign language to them, with no language options available and asking for a fix straight away from the developers. We’ve noticed no such comments about language issues on US iTunes for Temple Run: Brave though.

We’d be really interested to hear from both iOS and Android device owners who have downloaded Temple Run: Brave, about whether you have encountered any problems or not with the game? It would be good to find out whether the complaints so far are very isolated incidents or more widespread so let us have your comments on Temple Run: Brave and remember to tell us if you are an iOS or Android user.


28 thoughts on “Problems with Temple Run : Brave on iOS & Android”

  1. Amirali Sadeghi Farshi says:

    At first I was so excited and I downloaded it and installed on my Galaxy S(it’s clear that it’s Android!). Then I opened the game but got disappointed at the very first seconds of playing. It’s laggy, not that much to interrupt the game but sometimes it gets so laggy that it doesn’t even respond to the swipes, hope we’ll see an update soon.

  2. Kevinetz5 says:

    I’m playing it on my iphone 4 an it’s very very very laggy I die all the time because the game doesn’t tecognize my swiles or recognizes them too late -.-

  3. arjumand says:

    Am playing it on an Itouch 4; while it’s kinda more satisfying than the original Temple Run because you can get more coins quicker (I got up to 25000 like nothing) after about 30 minutes gameplay it starts lagging like hell. I end up giving up when it’s the game’s lag that makes me run Merida straight into a wall.

    Also, stop talking to me, woman! When you hear the ‘so much jumping’ for the fifth time, it’s kinda annoying, especially when I suspect that the inclusion of all the little nuggets of wisdom (the one about cliffs is especially moving, almost as wonderful as Anakin Skywalker’s comments about sand) is making the game lag so much. 

  4. annonymous says:

    hi i have a cellphone that is lgp500 AKA optimus one and i downloaded this game its not lag and it does not  force to close but i cant make the character swipe nor jump but if you tilt the screen it works fine ONLY THE TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLS FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Autosaver says:

    Works perfect, but the framerate does take a dodge at times.

    This is playing off an iPod Touch 4G. It probably runs like a snail on the 3GS and it must run perfectly on the iPhone 4S. 

    1. TillyG says:

      FYI … I have it on a 4S and iPod touch.  The iPod touch graphics a way over pixilated so you can’t see the stone in the road.  The graphics on the 4S are much better but it does not follow swipes or it lags.  So many more glitches in this as opposed to the original Temple Run.

  6. Kjatchley says:

    Same problem as everyone else….terrible lag! I don’t even want to play it anymore! I have tried playing on my iPad and my iPhone 4s. Bad on both!!!

  7. Vamsi Kalyan says:

    After a long Wait at last iam happy to found this new app to my android phone SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE, after so many hurdles of purchasing it from disney platform at last it cheated me, it is not working on my phone,saying runtime exception force close. so my worries are doubled, after purchasing it from vendors it is not playing on my phone which is compatible, then why to buy it?

  8. Merida says:

    It would not even work on my phone. During the tutorial it would not let me turn at all. I hope they fix this game otherwise this was a waste of money.

  9. Vincent says:

    It wouldn’t even open in my Alcatel One Touch. The game would load for a few seconds and then it becomes unresponsive and force closes. I tried to uninstall and re-install it, just so it would work, but no, the problem is still there. Please, kindly fix this issue.

  10. Andresreitsnik says:

    I have big problems with this game , i just bought it from google play store ( my device Samsung gt s5660 galaxy gio ), and it’s lagging and i can’t jump or swipe to turn or anything and the language is i don’t know what ( i thought it’s gonna be english ) . Anyway , i hope you fix this game soon

  11. Jonnyjoc says:

    I got it on my ipod touch,it was working at first but now,whenever I open the app it’s a blue/purple screen and there is light purple squares going from the bottom of the screen to about midway.  

  12. Monty Sharma says:

    i have bought game from google play on my samsung galaxy y gt s6102 but while opening it phone shows some process error and game stops and automatically get close…. please tell me to resolve the issue.

  13. Lawrence Sanchez says:

    I have many of problems with my temple run brave! I cant slide
    Jump or even turn right or left and I just purchased it on my android
    Phone! I need to know what to do about this, will this game ever be actually
    Playable!!? Cuz if not ima be really pissed

  14. gnxhjdhkv says:

    I have heard how great this game is but whenever i try 2 open it on
    my samsung galaxy y GT S5360 it always closes
    please help me fix
    this. Issue

  15. ujwal says:

    hi buddies this is ujwal .i. heard. that. brave is good game whenever i open this this doesn’tbe opened and always force closes.i did’nt even play once.what to do

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