T-Mobile getting some QWERTY love via Samsung SGH-T699

As smartphones have advanced in recent years the focus has mainly been on larger touchscreen displays with their virtual keyboards, but some consumers still like to own a device that features physical keys, and today we can tell you that T-Mobile is set for some QWERTY love via the upcoming Samsung SGH-T699.

There has been some speculation for a while that a handset would be arriving on the T-Mobile network that featured a full QWERTY keyboard, and now the team over at TmoNews has managed to get hold of an image of the upcoming handset. There has been talk of a handset going under the model number before, and there was speculation it could be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which was more based on hopes and dreams more than anything else.

Now following the leak of an image that can be seen above it is now known what the SGH-T699 will look like. As you can see it features a physical QWERTY keyboard but other details of the handsets specifications are rather sketchy. It is known the upcoming Samsung mobile phone will feature a five megapixel camera on the back, and there will be a front facing shooter for video calls along with an LED notification light as well.

Not much else is known except there is a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor hiding inside, but it is not known if it will be the S3 or S4 unit, and it will be coming with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system version 4.0.4 straight from the off. It may not be the high end QWERTY handset that many would have hoped for, but it seems those days have long gone.
Do you prefer to have a smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard?


One thought on “T-Mobile getting some QWERTY love via Samsung SGH-T699”

  1. Dan H says:

    Apart from Blackberries, T-Mobile are currently offering no qwerty phones at all. For anyone who does any typing, these are clearly superior, so this Samsung phone is desparately needed. Can’t wait!

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