Nokia planning 808 PureView US launch for Monday

When the device was first revealed at the Mobile World Congress earlier in the year, the new camera technology on the Nokia 808 PureView won many plaudits from critics, and today we have news that it seems the company is about to launch the device in the US this coming Monday.

Nokia’s partner Microsoft it thought to be launching its own branded or co-branded Windows tablet PC on Monday, but as GottaBe Mobile are reporting Nokia could be stealing some of its partner’s limelight. The company has updated its US Facebook page with a teaser that shows a map of the Hawaiian Islands with the date of June 18th 2012 at the top.

To begin with there were suggestions that Nokia could be Microsoft’s partner for its rumoured Windows tablet, but since then sources are saying that Nokia is going to use that date to announce its 808 PureView handset for the country.

When the handset was first announced earlier in the year Nokia said the device would not be coming to the US as its focus in the country was on the Windows Phone platform, and as the handset runs the Symbian OS it wouldn’t be making an appearance. Since then though there was talk that the company would provide an unlocked version of the device that would be compatible with AT&T’s network.

There has been growing interest in the handset in the US even though the Symbian platform was never that popular in the country, which is one of the reasons why Nokia shifted to Windows Phone in the first place. It is also being suggested that Nokia used Hawaii on its teaser page as the area code is 808, and there will be a large number of consumers looking to buy into the new smartphones camera technology even though Nokia has promised to bring it to its Lumia range in the future.

Do you plan to get the Nokia 808 PureView?

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