Now Verizon FiOS Quantum service offers a revolution in speed

If you’re a Verizon customer you may have been displeased about the recent change in shared data plans but today we have better news, the launch of Big Red’s FiOS Quantum service, a revolution in speed. This will not be accessible in all areas immediately but where available will give Verizon customers the fastest FiOS Internet service so far.

It’s possible that Verizon hopes that announcing the launch of the new Quantum service will distract from the customer backlash regarding the new data plans and we know that many of you are annoyed about those plans as your comments to our post about it show. Besides that though it does seem as though Verizon is going all guns blazing with FiOS Quantum, which at its top level will offer upload download speeds of 300/65 Mbps.

The entry-level 15/5 Mbps speeds will still be available along with 50/25, 75/35, 150/65 and that top level 300/65 Mbps. The highest three tiers offer speeds of double Verizon’s previous plans. FiOS Quantum service can be either standalone or supplied with Verizon’s double and triple-pay bundles according to Mashable. Only the top level 300/65 Mbps tier will just be available as a standalone product and this will set users back a hefty $209.99 month-by-month or $204.99 with a two-year contract.

Typically when upgrading customers will pay between $10 and $15 extra monthly but this will double or even triple their previous speeds according to Verizon. Existing FiOS customers will be able to upgrade at with no upgrade charge. Bob Mudge, president of Verizon consumer and mass market business unit referred to the faster broadband with FiOS Quantum as a “revolution in speed” calling it “incredible value.” If you want to find out if the new Quantum service is available in your area then check out this Verizon page. You may also be interested in our look at the best Verizon smartphones for summer and fall.

For more details on pricing this article has the information for various tiers of the Quantum service with the basic price starting at $64.99. As an example we can tell you that if you opt for the 50Mbps plan this starts at $84.99 with double-play bundles from $94.99 to $134.99 and triple-play bundles from $109.99 to $149.99 monthly for new customers. The triple-play bundle also adds unlimited FiOS Digital Voice.

With more and more of us using mobile devices for entertainment purposes it does sound as though FiOS Quantum has a lot to offer but will the prices be restrictive? We’d like to hear your views on the new Verizon FiOS Quantum and the increased speeds it will bring as well as the pricing of course, so let us have your comments on this.

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