Sony Xperia Play ICS update mystery

The team here on Phones Review try and keep our readers up to date with all the happenings surrounding the ongoing saga with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade. Today there is mystery surrounding the Sony Xperia Play ICS upgrade.

Last month it was revealed that the handset would be missing out on the Android 4.0 update, which left many owners of the device angry with the news and according to a report on Recombu it at first seems Sony has back tracked on their decision following some new information becoming available.

The handset was released as the first Sony PlayStation certified smartphone and it also incorporates integrated physical gaming controls via the sliding form factor. For around a year after it was released Sony spent time and money on the PlayStation certified platform, which now enjoys more than 300 titles making the most of those gaming controls.

Many consumers getting the device would have signed up to a two year contract with the handset, and would at the time thought the device would enjoy continued support, but this all changed with Sony’s announcement that Android ICS would not be arriving. Now though it has been found that the scrapped software update has resurfaced as a certified build, which has surprised many in the Xperia Play community.

Having a closer look though upholds the belief that the update will still not be coming to the handset despite the certification. It is thought that the certification process could have already begun before the announcement that the handset was going to miss out on Android ICS.

The decision was originally made because of an incompatibility and instability of the software with the gaming services offered by the Xperia Play, and release of the update would still possibly have the same issues. As there seems to be no official release of the software by Sony except the beta release already available, you feel the handset could have offered so much more.

How do you feel about the lack of Android ICS on the Xperia Play?


8 thoughts on “Sony Xperia Play ICS update mystery”

  1. Antiques Etcetera says:

    I purchased a month ago a Sony Xperia S phone with the understanding that the new upgrade ICS was due out the following week, the more I read the more I get confused as to if we are going to eventually get the upgrade or not !!!

    Ken – Brighton – Antiques et Cetera

  2. Mancsblue says:

    I had an xperia play at the start of the year ,which was then lost I was very excited wheb I had it to hear it was getting ics.ive just bought another xperia play and now find its not getting ics
    Im very disapointed and now own a handset thats out of date already
    Not happy!!

  3. d-_-b says:

    hi, i have tested the official ics beta and many custom roms with modifications and i have to say the experiance was terrible everything lagged loads of gameloft games were lagging a lot with lots of drop in frames. the ui was also laggy and i am now official stock 2.3 and i have to say im not disappointed with sony 

  4. Jim says:

    This phone after using isn,t up to scratch. Regret buying should have purchased Samsung galaxy SII . Cannot link up with VW/Audi bluetooth will not show phone directory. After contacting both vodafone and Sony help lines a total waste of time. Anyone buying the phone or tryg to link up to Vw/Skoda/Audi forget it dosnt work !!.
    I have connected a samsung in less than 5 min,s works perfect

    1. paul says:

      the sony and voda help lines will not hel with a VW or audi bluetooth stack as they do not make it. i used to work tech suport for t-mobile and hated calls from people asking the same thing. its like calling morissons because your microwave cook book does not come with instructions for heating beans. imagine the call centre needed to have 1 of every car available for supporting the satnav/bluetooth/other gizmos needed for pairing to phones. did you try clling vw?

  5. jason says:

    Got an xperia play dissapointed about no ics would not surprise me that all the new sony phones will not be unable to be updated dispite what sony say samsung s3 all ready comes with ics and has got jelly bean update sony has to get its finger out before it becomes a laughing stock xperia play users need an update sort it out sony

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