Over 100 WWDC 2012 free session videos ready to download

If you’re one of the numerous developers who are interested in Apple’s WWDC and all the news from it, or who managed to attend so have a special interest, then we have some good news for you. Over 100 WWDC 2012 session videos have become available to download and even better, they’re free!

Most of you will already know that WWDC is Apple’s annual developers conference and it took place last week in San Francisco. If you have access to an Apple Developer account, even the free membership account, then the full set of session videos are accessible by you to view from the Apple website or iTunes. As Apple’s WWDC was more popular than ever this year it’s great that Apple has made these videos available so quickly to the many who didn’t have a chance to visit themselves.

These videos would be a great resource for those interested in learning more about developing for iOS and OSX and we learned of their availability from MacRumors. In days past these videos were a few hundred dollars to get hold of but now Apple supplies them free because of developer program restructuring and efforts to lower costs and also as a nod to those who couldn’t get to WWDC because of the huge numbers wanting to attend.

The wide range of videos covers all sorts of topics. Apple Insider notes just some of them as app services, developer tools, Safari and Web, media and games and graphics and remember if you want to stream them then you’ll need to be using Safari. To access the videos simply head to this Apple developer page and sign in or head to iTunes U here. If you don’t have an Apple developer account you can still watch the Apple keynote speech with many major announcements on iOS 6, OS X Mountain Lion and hardware such as new MacBook Pros and Airs from WWDC 2012 at Apple here, at iTunes here or on YouTube.

Will you be heading to download the WWDC session videos? Maybe you were one of those fortunate enough to attend but will still find the videos extremely useful? Send your comments to let us know.

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