Rogers Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS update drops

When Google first announced the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system the company stated that they were going to work with handset manufacturers to try and get the software out to customers quicker, fast forward a few months and we are still waiting for a number of devices to finally receive the new OS, but today we have news of the Rogers Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS update finally arriving.

The amount of hardware currently running the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system still falls a fair distance behind those that are still on Gingerbread and as the Android Authority is reporting the latest version of the software only accounts for just over seven percent of devices. Luckily things are beginning to pick up as earlier today we had a date tipped for the Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX ICS update, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab range is also thought to be receiving it soon.

Today though there is some good news for owners of the Samsung Galaxy S2 on Rogers as the Android ICS update is finally rolling out to owners. It is being reported that owners will be getting the Android 4.0.4 version of the software, and in order to receive the update users will have to connect their Galaxy S2 to the Samsung Kies application.

While users are not being treated to an over the air update everything else should be fine for users to finally get to taste Ice Cream Sandwich. We recently gave you the TELUS ICS update schedule that the carrier released, but we have wondered before why it is taking so long for manufacturers to update their hardware with the software that was originally released last year with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

There are still a number of once flagship devices still languishing on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which could easily cope with the software. Has your Android device received ICS yet?


4 thoughts on “Rogers Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS update drops”

  1. Svenhalen says:

    updated my Rogers LTE last night to ICS 4.04. THere are missing things that I expected and the TWM launcher still sucks. However, given how long we waited I can over look that and use differnt launchers.

  2. Jndixon says:

    This is all great but what about us users that for some reason cannot seem to get Kies to work!? I have been at it over an hour. It keeps installing drivers for my S2 then when I trouble shoot my connection it installs MORE drivers… only to have the S2 drivers re-install when I connect my phone…. then troubleshoot and it installs the other drivers… you can see the vicious circle.

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