Sony low reflection tech could end touch screen glare

Most who use a touch screen smartphone will be aware of the glare one can get from the touch screen in certain bright conditions, especially when outside on a sunny day. There are of course anti-glare screen protectors one can stick over their touch screen to solve this glaring problem. However having to use an anti-glare protector may soon become a thing of the past is a new tech from Sony becomes a reality.

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo by way of Tech On, apparently Sony is developing a new low reflection conductive film , which word has it was inspired by how a moth’s eye works, that can improve the image quality of a touch screen.

Sony’s special film is apparently achieved by using a pattern of microscopic convex and concave structures that go some way to evenly bouncing light away from the user’s touch screen, and thus reduces the glare the user experiences, and is said to work on a wider range of wavelengths than the anti reflective coatings that are currently available.

Having anti-glare tech should mean the user will no longer have to angle their smartphone away from a light source or squint to see their touch screen.

On the downside, apparently there’s no real word as to just when the mobile space might see Sony’s new anti-glare film become available on smartphones and tablets, but one can assume that Sony devices will be the first to benefit from the new technology.

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