TAKTIK iPhone case offers premium & radical experience

As well as bringing you all the news on latest smartphones and tablets we also like to give you details of some of the excellent accessories available for these devices. Today we have details of a new iPhone case dubbed the TAKTIK, a premium offering with what some might say is a cutting-edge look.

This is another of the Kickstarter projects that raises funding to finance putting an idea into production. We’ve seen some great examples of products that have arisen from Kickstarter recently such as the Foco audio accessory, the Pebble Watch and CloudPic Mobile. Now we have the TAKTIK iPhone case, suitable for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The case comes from LunaTik who already came up with two successful Kickstarter projects, the LunaTik iPod nano watch strap and the TouchPen stylus and the TAKTIK iPhone case, touted as a “premium protection system,” looks as though it will be another winner.

We heard about the TAKTIK iPhone Case from 9to5Mac and you can see the Kickstarter Project details at this page. Of a $150,000 funding goal, over $73,000 has been raised so far with 482 backers and there are still 29 days left before the deadline so it’s looking hopeful. The TAKTIK case is set to last and last, made from durable materials such as Ballistik polymer and high-quality aluminum. When protecting your iPhone you’ll actually have two layers of tough Gorilla Glass as the iPhone features Gorilla Glass and the TAKTIK case also has another layer.

Another bonus with the TAKTIK case is a layer of waterproofing over external ports on the iPhone, including the speaker grill. The design of the TAKTIK is pretty radical, looking rugged and bold, and while some may prefer a sleeker looking casing we think the styling of the TAKTIK is extremely fitting for what it is and will certainly attract attention. If the target funding is raised then they could start being shipped to backers in August.

Another intriguing snippet from this is that LunaTik also plans one of these covers for the next iPhone, or iPhone 5, and it seems that the company thinks there will be a taller display and form factor overall, as per the rumors of a larger iPhone on the way. The TAKTIK case for the next-generation iPhone should be available in time for the holiday season.

If you want to see more on the TAKTIK iPhone case then you can check out the video below this story. What are your thoughts on the TAKTIK? Do you like the extreme design? Are you hoping the Kickstarter project for it reaches the desired funding? Let us know with your comments.


3 thoughts on “TAKTIK iPhone case offers premium & radical experience”

  1. Mrwavibor says:

    I like it!!! Better than my Survivor casing, although its the same protection it provides:)