Motorola Defy Pro BlackBerry lookalike revealed

Even with the advancement of touchscreen technology in recent years with a huge variety of excellent displays now available, there are some mobile phone users that still prefer a physical QWERTY keyboard. Trouble is though there aren’t many alternatives to RIM’s BlackBerry offerings, but today we have news of the Motorola Defy Pro that has been revealed.

BlackBerry maker RIM continues to stumble along with the continued delay with the release of its BlackBerry 10 platform, but as GottaBe Mobile is reporting Android manufacturers are beginning to fill the void. Motorola has announced the Defy Pro that isn’t quite the natural successor to the original Defy handset.

It does share some similarities though as the Defy Pro can still take some tougher than usual punishment life can throw at it and the company is claiming it is water resistant and dust proof. The display is protected by Gorilla Glass making the screen scratch resistant as well, and while Motorola doesn’t sate the shock resistance of the new handset, it does say it can handle drops and throws from kids.

The Defy Pro does feature a full physical QWERTY keyboard and at first glance reminds you of a BlackBerry Bold or Curve rather that any Android smartphone. The buttons and the form factor of the handset look remarkably similar to many RIM handsets. The rest of the handsets specifications that have been revealed include the 2.7-inch touchscreen display for easy app navigation.

The handset seems to be a midrange unit with a five megapixel rear camera along with 2GB of built in storage that can be expanded by microSD card. There is also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity but unfortunately will only come running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Motorola have only stated that the Defy Pro will be releasing in Brazil later this month with no word on availability elsewhere in the world.

Do you like the look of the Motorola Defy Pro?


4 thoughts on “Motorola Defy Pro BlackBerry lookalike revealed”

  1. anon444 says:

    This is the exactly the sort of Android phone I am looking for. I am not a Blackberry person, but these days you need a phone with a real QWERTY (for internet usage). Plus this is the only Android phone which has a ‘call answer’ button like traditional phones.

    Using an Android phone for making calls is a pain, the older classic phones are much faster….

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