Ships N’ Battles for Android brings Battleships up to date

There will be many of you that will remember the classic board game of Battleships from days gone by, and today we can tell you about Ships N’ Battles for Android that brings the classic game up to date.

Battleship has been revamped with some nice 3D visuals and as Droid Gamers are reporting has been released onto Google Play by Skahal Studios. The relatively cheap application brings the classic game of Battleship to the platform but with some great graphics and sound effects, along with some new features that sees the classic get a refresh for the modern era.

Players take command of a fleet of ships that are strategically placed throughout the grid style playing field, and you quest is to destroy your enemy’s fleet by taking their ships out one by one with your missiles. In the mean time your enemy is trying to do the same to your fleet with players taking it in turns to try their luck and strategic abilities to sink enemy ships.

The game features full 3D rendered ships, sea, and a Mountain range that is positioned between both fleets to prevent each player knowing where the ships are stationed. There are appropriate sound effects and ten power ups that work to enhance and modify the gameplay from the original game.

Players can either face or use guided missiles with full horizontal or vertical explosions, and there is even a Ghost Ship that is willing to join in with the battle and fight by your side. The game features four different levels of difficulty and there is both Global and Local multiplayer modes, and Android fans can even play against their iOS friends thanks to cross-platform compatibility

Ships N’ Battles is available over at Google Play and is priced at £0.64/$0.99. Where you a fan of the original Battleships game?

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