July 20 release of Dark Knight Rises app for iOS & Android

Eager Batman enthusiasts are waiting for the release of the final part of the Christopher Nolan trilogy later this month and we previously told how The Dark Knight Rises game would be coming to iOS and Android platforms in the summer. We have some good news today that both apps will actually be released on July 20 and we can also show you a second trailer for the game.

Fans will be thrilled to learn that they will be able to play The Dark Knight Rises game as the movie comes out and it’s a great move by Gameloft to launch the app so promptly. The game takes place throughout Gotham City and the characters will have full likeness to the movie cast including the likes of Selina Kyle and Lucius Fox. The new teaser trailer to the app, brought to our attention by Droid-Life, clearly states that the mobile gaming app will arrive on July 20 so that’s less than a week to wait now before it hits the Google Play store and App Store.

There’s not a great deal known as yet about The Dark Knight Rises game app but Pocket Gamer has come up with a few more snippets. There will be plenty of events and missions including hostage scenes, car chases and jailbreaks and players must navigate Batman through the various stages. They can use the customary Dark Knight gadgets as well as and the game also demands that the player get to grips with a complex combat system. Another snippet reveals that as well as driving the streets of Gotham City the Bat can head to the skies for further adventures so it sounds as though there’s plenty to keep gamers entertained for some time.

You can see the second teaser trailer video of The Dark Knight Rises game below this story and you may also be interested in our previous article about a Dark Knight Rises 3D Map. As The Dark Knight Rises game comes from the same makers who created the award-winning The Amazing Spider-Man game, it certainly looks promising for this app. Are you waiting for The Dark Knight Rises to hit the iOS or Android platform? What do you think of the trailer below?

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