In-depth Infographic about Printing on the go

It has probably been repeated a million times by now that mobile phones and other mobile devices will shape and define the future of computing. Two recent and reputable surveys by Cisco and NPD Display Search back up this vision. Cisco estimates that the number of active mobile phones is on track to exceed world population by the end of 2012. Similarly, the NPD Display Search’s recently released study found that tablet and smartphone sales will outpace laptop PC sales by 2016.

Mobile phones and gadgets have come a long way from the days when children used their humongous antennae to practice fencing. Today, mobile gadgets have established themselves as indispensable parts of modern urban life and deliver a whole host of useful services. Requiring a piece of immobile hardware, the process of printing would appear to be a challenge for mobile gadgets.

However, with the help of a mobile apps and cloud computing services such as Google Cloud, users can access a nearby all in one printer with ease. After choosing and downloading a reliable mobile printing app, users can select a document in their Cloud account and have it printed right away. This can be done in two ways. The easier option involves using a cloud ready printer that will be detected and connected to by a crafty app.

If a cloud ready printer is not an option, apps are capable of connecting to a receptive computer that has an installed printer. Using this digital bridge, apps can have your documents printed without hassle. Please take a look at the in-depth printing on the go infographic below, thanks.


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  1. ELG says:

    I didn’t know that kids used to play fencing with their mobile antennae, I missed out! Thank you for the really informative infographic, makes explanation of mobile printing much clearer, especially to novices like myself. Mentioning apps, I do have to say that Print n share is a good option, not free but worth every penny I spent on it for my iphone.

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