Amazon Kindle Fire 2 may possibly entice price cuts to original

I’m fairly sure most in the mobile space know that Amazon is expected to deliver the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 in the not too distant future, and obviously with the arrival of the Google Nexus 7 tablet, Amazon will be a bit under pressure to make sure people grab the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 over the Nexus 7, either by delivering a better build slate or selling it for cheaper.

However, if you fancy picking up an original Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, you might like to hold off until Amazon announce the Kindle Fire 2, which is expected to happen on the 31st of this month. The reason for holding off is according to Deal News, every time there has been a Kindle announcement, it is followed by discounting the price.

Deal News say that Amazon has a tradition of cutting the price of new Kindles as they get announced, and in the past they have seen Kindles make a debut between 10 and 61 percent cheaper than its initial staring price of previous Kindles.

However they don’t expect the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 to be offered with a significant price reduction, as 199-bucks is a fairly aggressive price tag even today. But their research does show that there could be deals popping up within a couple of months of release of around 20-bucks off the retail price via Amazon Local deal or Amazon offering a bundle credit deal.

When it comes to the original Amazon Kindle Fire, they do expect to see a price drop as soon as the next generation Android tablet makes its debut.

Looking at their records the original Kindle Fire hit an all time low of 169-bucks bundled with a 5-buck Amazon MP3 credit last month, so they predict that it is possible the Kindle Fire price will fall to $169 on the release of the Kindle Fire 2. As the Kindle Fire 2 is expected to release on the 31st of this month, the tablet space can expect to see a flood of original Kindle Fire tablet deals round about a month after, but there is a possibility the Kindle Fire could see a price drop the same day as the Kindle Fire 2 gets announced.

So there you go, will any of our readers be holding out for a lower priced Kindle Fire, or will you pick up the Kindle Fire 2 when it becomes available, or have you already opted to grab the Google Nexus 7?

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