LG Optimus Black misses out on ICS update too

The other day we reported that LG Canada has confirmed that the LG Optimus 2X was not going to see an update to Android Ice Cream Sandwich, which no doubt disappointed owners of the handset. Well the Optimus 2X isn’t the only LG device that wont be gaining Ice Cream Sandwich, as word is the LG Optimus Black is missing out on ICS too.

According to an article over on Phone Arena by way of the Mobile Indian, LG Canada use their Twitter page to announce that the LG Optimus Black wasn’t going to be updated to Android Ice Cream Sandwich, although apparently the tweet has now vanished.

Again, LG Canada states that the original upgrade announcement was a general statement issued by LG headquarters, the same statement they made with the announcement that the LG Optimus 2X wasn’t actually going to gain Ice Cream Sandwich.

But really it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the LG Optimus Black will not gain ICS due to the Optimus 2X being LG’s flagship device of last year, so if LG isn’t bothered about updating a past flagship handset then it would follow that lesser devices will also not be updated.

Although, LG hasn’t come forward to actually let anyone know just why these smartphone have been left out of the updating game, but it does appear that if you own the LG Optimus Black you are left running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Perhaps it is time to ditch your LG handset for a newer smartphone that comes with ICS aboard.


2 thoughts on “LG Optimus Black misses out on ICS update too”

  1. Smigol Cuore says:

    WOW, The net is booming with angry 2nd generation lg smartphone owners, and one of them my self as i bought the P920 Lg optimus 3d because of official statement that it will receive ICS OS update….I have been waiting 7 months and have even almost rooted device to try leaked OS, but as a technical dude i know that many functions won’t work and then ill just stay unsatisfied, not to mention loss of warranty and support from LG as many do not know that its iligal to root devices….I have written a letter of complaint to 4 of LG HQs and have promised them that if they do not refund or upgrade me, I will make it my business to let all potential buyers know what they going against…as i am very upset and demand a refund or device upgrade, also considering the Lie to Korean public about the x2 having a xenon flash,when actually led….not to mention poor quality material used for screens and complaints of too many cracked screens from falls and silly bumps…I use to be HTC 100% and as a Nvidia partner really was proud of LG when it boasted FLAGSHIP ” WORLDS FIRST 3D SMARTPHONE” …those days are over…They cannot even keep current consumers up to date and informed, nevermind new ones…..THINK TWICE if you planning on getting any LG mobile device….ANDROID SHOULD DISCONTINUE AGREEMENT WITH THE GREEDY KOREAN MULTINATIONAL….But i know that’s impossible….
    Please suggest good device, quality price, speed and resolution…ics obviously and preferably not LGs x4 range…lolRemember i now live in South Africa, we get smartphones many months later, as most dumb south Africans use Blackberry, witch SUX…no offense BBM users. Noobs!!!Never LG again……….