iPhone 5 displays ready to go, September release looking good

Normally when it comes to rumours or news about a new iPhone it normally comes from alleged parts being leaked, or prototypes being left in some bar, but today one of the suppliers to Apple has let slip that the iPhone 5 displays are ready to go, so a September release is looking good.

Only yesterday we told you of new rumours that suggested the release for the iPhone 5 may see a delay, but today as Cnet are reporting Sharp is producing the screen for the handset and will begin shipping this month. The company’s president Takashi Okuda told reporters today that shipments of the screen for the new iPhone will start in August.

Unfortunately when asked for more details about the display for the upcoming iPhone 5, unsurprisingly he declined to comment. Sources are again saying that the displays in question measure four inches, which is larger than the current handsets 3.5-inch display. There have been a number of reports over the last few months suggesting the iPhone 5 will feature a screen of this size.

It is thought this will be achieved by Apple making the handset taller so it won’t be any wider than the current model. While no actual details of the screen made by Sharp where revealed there is a chance they will be based on Sharp’s IGZO technology.

This delivers lower demand on power consumption while giving an increased pixel transparency, and the company revealed back in April that it was bringing its IGZO technology to mobile devices, which at the time fuelled speculation that Apple would use it in future iPhone models. So far Apple and Sharp have remained tight lipped on whether it would be offered on the next iPhone.

With this latest news though it seems the iPhone 5 is getting closer to being available, but when the handset will launch remains to be seen. Recent reports were suggesting that Apple is set to hold an event on September 12th, with a release coming on September 21st.

Do you think that Sharp may have upset Apple with this news?


4 thoughts on “iPhone 5 displays ready to go, September release looking good”

  1. Steve says:

    3 1/2′ or  4″ I really don’t care!  I just want the 4G and the updated OS6 operating system…

    1. Mohamedfouze says:

      Don’t u think it’s kind of too early to make such a statement? Maybe a victory cry before the release of the ‘new’ iPhone would be justifiable to you. U sounded like the new iPhone had already won the competition before it’s release. U really sound paranoid for a android fan!