Samsung Epic 4G Touch ICS update problems reported

We are finally seeing more Android hardware being updated to the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, and around the middle of last month owners of the Samsung Epic 4G Touch started to see the new software, but now there are reports of issues with the ICS update.

The guys over at GottaBe Mobile are reporting that they have been contacted by a number of readers that have been experiencing problems after installing the new operating system, and the reports first started to come in shortly after the original July 12th roll out.

It seems that the issues got so bad that the carrier Sprint temporarily halted the push out of the software, only to restart it earlier this week. It is still unclear though whether the temporary halt of the update has solved any of the issues being experienced by owners of the handset.

What is clear though is that the original Android Ice Cream Sandwich update for Sprint’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 has been causing some major headaches for a lot of users. One owner reported speaking to a Sprint representative who claimed that some owners of the handset had seen their handset lock, freeze, or become unable to receive any calls.

Other owners of the Samsung Epic 4G Touch have reported that since installing the ICS software they have been unable to read emails, and the handsets UI is more sluggish than before. There have also been reports from owners that the handsets battery has deteriorated since the update, which has become the norm recently with Android updates.

There have also been many users that have not seen any issues at all since installing Ice Cream Sandwich. Have you had any problems with the Android ICS update?


14 thoughts on “Samsung Epic 4G Touch ICS update problems reported”

  1. John21mart says:

    Just a few “quirks” the home, back, etc. buttons seem difficult to operate and also can’t “end” a call once in a while. But otherwise is much better!

  2. Bczappster says:

    No problems here, went smooth as butter.
    1. Back everything up first.
    2. Do a factory reset, so the phone is just like it was out of the box.
    3. When the update happens, no hangups, no problems.
    4. Reinstall all aps, etc and your good to go.

  3. Afouste says:

    Besides doing everything mentioned in article my battery does not hold a charge. I had to do a complete reboot which made the battery a little better but still noticing things missing. my wife has the same phone and the same problems. We both use ours for different things but we hate the update. We both loved our phones now they are not even close to the same thing. They are worthless and I think if they dont fix it soon they owe me a new phone this is unexceptable.

  4. ky2001 says:

    email is not working at all anymore. a few days ago i was trying to call a person that i call daily, only to get a message staig their number was not in service(and their phone was in service).. idk i am a little leery over this new update. i kinda miss the old system~

  5. Barrin Davis says:

    im also having problems with my phone when the update was pushed to my device. The phone skips voice mail when I put the phone to my face to listen to it. The battery life is trash now, I also have missed a number of call, it also freezes up alot. I am really getting sick of sprint. My wife is also have issues with the Evo 4g LTE, the network sucks and the people are not getting what they are paying for. We are just getting kicked around by sprint. We all need some type of credit or upgrade for free. I have been with sprint for over 10yrs and they really started to do bad business.

    1. NorNowNetwork says:

      I’ll be leaving Sprint. It’s been over ten years for me as well. I’m finally willing to pay higher prices for better reception. They trashed 10+ years of my images on PictureMail without giving me notice!

  6. Arian Shamloo says:

    Can anyone tell me why I didn’t get the update? I mean my friends got the update a week ago and I still haven’t gotten it… Any suggestions? Thanks.

  7. sd77 says:

    Miserable with this OS and phone. My hubby changed me from my HTC Evo to this as an upgrade. It’s been a nightmare. I literally have wanted to throw the stupid thing out the window. Freezes constantly. Lost all my contacts and won’t let me add them back. Makes it about 6 hours or less on battery. I HATE THIS STUPID PHONE!!!!!

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