Samsung fastest embedded NAND storage for mobile enters volume production

Old Samsung has now announced they have entered volume production of a ultra-fast embedded NAND memory for mobile devices in 16/32/64GB capacities, and the new Samsung eMMC (Embedded MultiMedia Card) Pro Class 1500 is the industries fastest speed card for an embedded memory mobile device.

According to Samsung Tomorrow, the Pro Class 1500 reads data subsequently at 140MB per second, and writes up to 50MB per second, and for random writing and reading can process up to 3500/1500 inputs and outputs per second, which is 4x the speed of previous eMMCs.

Apparently the Samsung eMMC Pro 1500 improves system performance in smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, along with user experience for a wide range of applications such as multitasking, 3D and HD video capture, augmented reality, gaming and more.

The storage device uses Samsung’s 16GB NAND with a toggle DDR2.0 interface that has been based on Samsung’s latest 20 nanometer class process tech, and comes with its own intelligent flash management firmware and high performance controller.

Samsung will offer the new eMMCs in 2 — 4 and 8-die stacks with the largest capacity of 64GB at only 1.2mm thick to meet the market needs for thinner designs for high end mobile devices.

The new eMMC is the first to support the latest JEDEC eMMC v4.5 spec which standardises features to improve security, efficiency, reliability and performance, and features a highly reliable boot code and app storage, and the 64GB version weighs just 0.6 grams and can store 16,000 MP3 files.