Sprint EVO Design 4G now gaining ICS

If you are one of the Sprint faithful over in the USA with an HTC EVO Design 4G smartphone, just like the Sprint EVO 3D before it, it is now your time to play along with Android 4.0, because Sprint has now begun rolling of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update to the Sprint EVO Design 4G.

According to a report over on Android Police, the mid level HTC EVO Design 4G on Sprint is now getting bumped up to Ice Cream Sandwich, which was scheduled to start hitting the device in early August, so it looks like Sprint is keeping to that schedule and not delaying the update like others have.

With the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update for the HTC EVO Design 4G, the device gets home screen folders, an improved Android browser, resizeable widgets, Face Unlock, and all the usual stuff associated with Android 4.0.

However it does appear that it isn’t quite clear just what version of HTC Sense the EVO Design 4G will be getting, as the guys say although you would expect Sense 4.0, they have seen some ICS devices still running Sense 3.6.

Apparently Sprint HTC EVO Design 4G owners will not all get Ice Cream Sandwich at the same time, as the update will be rolled out in stages, so keep hitting that check for updates button if you haven’t already received the update.

Have any of our readers that own the Sprint HTC EVO Design 4G received the Ice Cream Sandwich update yet, or are you still waiting?


2 thoughts on “Sprint EVO Design 4G now gaining ICS”

  1. Vandyfc says:

    I have it now. Don’t see a whole lot of difference BUT when I hit the back button (to go back to home) it reloads the page as if it were restarting the phone…….takes about 15 seconds…delaying any other moves till done……Don’t like that !!

  2. tibbs90 says:

    Just don’t do it. With the regular lock screen, you can still pull down notifications (which shouldn’t work). So, make sure you use something more secure for the lock screen. Also, the Facebook contacts won’t sync anymore. No loss in speed has been noticed. I just can’t believe that ICS is being released when it’s not even ready. I’m loosing faith in HTC. Next time I will get a Samsung phone! Better yet, I will get an iPhone.

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