Google Wallet blocked on Verizon devices such as SGS3

There seems to be a few problems when installing the Google Wallet app onto some Verizon devices, the FCC once ruled out that Verizon could not block tethering apps because this was in violation with the “C Block rules” attached to such purchases of the C-Block spectrum that its 4G LTE network now runs on.

That being said we looked into this a little further and have found that Google Wallet is still playing hard to get, it is true that customers can install this app on all Verizon NFC supported devices but when it comes to getting it working is where the problem lies.

Thanks to Droid Life they are reporting something interesting well worth thinking about, we already know that Verizon was blocking Google Wallet from its NFC phones, and this was down to the app being different than normal apps. The FCC stepped in and Google decided to release a new cloud-powered version of Wallet, this means it is now available on devices such as the Incredible 4G LTE, Galaxy Nexus and even the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Even though Google Wallet is available on the Samsung Galaxy S3 once installed it still seems to be blocked according to the source above, we obviously cannot check this as we are in the UK and do not have a Verizon account. It does not seem to work on the Incredible 4G LTE either, when customers installed Google Wallet on these named devices it prompted a message saying “Unfortunately, Google Wallet is not yet available for your device or mobile network,” but it does work on the Galaxy Nexus being it rooted or not.

Head on over to Google Play now and install the app onto your Verizon device and let us know if it works or not, any information you can provide for us would be very helpful in establishing what devices it does work on. This is definitely the case of it may work it might not, let us know.

If the above news interests you please have a read on our previous article covering the Google Wallet playing nice with all types of card.


3 thoughts on “Google Wallet blocked on Verizon devices such as SGS3”

  1. lucy says:

    Downloaded the APK. It was installed but when I try to run it I get the “device unsupported” message