AT&T Mobile Share Plans with calculating planner tool

Over in the good old US of A, as families get ready to send their kids back to school, families might be looking at adding a new smartphone or a convenient way of connecting tablets and laptops, and if you are with AT&T, the carrier believes they have come up with a great way of achieving this with their Mobile Share Plans, which become available as of the 23rd of this month.

According to AT&T, they want to make it as easy as possible to choose the plan that works best, and as such they have added a Mobile Share Planner tool, which can be accessed by hitting up www.att.com/mobileshare.

AT&T believes the new tool is the easiest way to estimate a users current usage on each of their devices, and the tool auto-calculates the total estimated usage along with recommending the correct Mobile Share plan from 1GB up to 20GB, and the planner tool will also show the user the estimated cost of that plan.

Mobile Share Plans enable customers to easily share data across multiple devices , allowing the customer to share a single bucket of data across tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices, along with receiving unlimited domestic voice and texts, and up to 10 devices can share the same plan, and also includes tethering and access to AT&T WiFi Hotspots.

So AT&T customers can learn what the Mobile Share Plans are all about, AT&T have put out a short video explaining how it all works, and we have embedded that video for your viewing consideration below.

Will any of our readers who are on AT&T be using the AT&T Mobile Share Plans calculating planner tool so you can choose the best plan for you?

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