iOS 6 Beta 4 jailbreakable via RedSnow confirmed

As you no doubt are aware, Apple recently pushed out the latest version of iOS 6, iOS 6 Beta 4 to developers, and if those iOS unfaithful that love to tinker with their iPhone are wondering if iOS 6 Beta 4 can be jailbroken, the answer to that little query appears to be yes it can.

According to a report over on iDownload Blog, iPhone hacker and Dev Team member MuscleNerd use his official Twitter account to confirm that iOS 6 Beta 4 can be jailbroken using the latest version of RedSnow, RedSnow 0.9.13dev3.

However there are a few things the iOS unfaithful need to remember, and that is to keep pointing RedSnow at iOS 6 Beta 3 IPSW, although apparently there could be a new version of RedSnow with full Beta 4 support released at some point in the future, but for the time simply redirect it.

According to the iPhone Dev Team, you have to point RedSnow at your IPSW the first time you jailbreak, and just boot tethered as the ISPW is only available to devs, and RedSnow cannot auto-fetch the pieces it needs from it, and by the time you have done a ‘just boot’ tethered jailbreak, RedSnow will have cached all the necessary files from the IPSW and as such you will no longer need to point RedSnow at it.

Furthermore one has to remember that as with iOS 6 Betas, RedSnow use to jailbreak it is only for developers, as it is mainly for jailbreak developers that wish to update their Cydia packages so they support iOS 6, and will not install Cydia on your home screen.


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