Sony PS3 game library streamed via Android devices

If you are an Android gamer you’ll probably know that eventually the next gaming platform will be the cloud rather than console based, and by the year’s end numerous Android devices should be able to stream console games. However Android gamers can experience cloud gaming on Android right now by using a service known as OnLive, but there is another service in the wings as well.

A report over on Android and Me the upcoming game streaming service is called Gaikai, which they say could blow OnLive out of the water, and is available from PC browsers, whilst an Android client is due to hit sometime in the next few months, and offers a superior gaming experience thanks to NVIDIA GeForce Grid tech along with a growing games library.

The guys got to put Gaikai through the mill on their Asus Transformer Pad, and they say they were amazed at just how responsive it was, and played a couple of levels of Bulletstorm using an Xbox controller, and it felt very much like a console game.

The guys had hoped that Gaikai would have hit Google Play by now, but as Sony acquired Gaikai for a staggering 380 million bucks, they suggest that Sony will probably make Gaikai exclusive to their upcoming tablets and smartphones, whilst a few Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 games have already been ported to Gaikai.

It should be quite simply for Sony to choose their best selling PS3 games from their library and deliver on-demand access to them via Gaikai, and the guys suggest that if this is the case, Sony would instantly deliver one of the best Android tablets for gaming.

It is expected that Sony during IFA 2012 in Berlin, will announce the follow up to the Sony Tablet S, which is expected to sport a Tegra 3 quad core processor, whilst being thinner and lighter, and as Gaikai runs great on Tegra 3 devices, sony should easily be able to deliver support for their Bluetooth DualShock3 controller for the slate.


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  1. ElderOfTheInternet says:

    380 million bucks is not that staggering. There are 60m Xbox owners that have lost out on a whole generation of killer titles that are only on PS3. If only half of them pay $10 to play Uncharted 3 (or any of the other awesome PS3 titles), then Sony can recoup that investment in a blink of an eye…

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