Samsung Galaxy S4 starts the new hype

The Samsung Galaxy S3 set the trend for Android with its stunning looks and large 4.8-inch display, this model has already sold well over 10 million units and still climbing, the SGS3 is still a very hot sought after mobile and yet there is now mentions of the Samsung Galaxy S4 emerging online, this is where the Samsung Galaxy S4 starts the new hype.

If this is all true, we was not mad after all, read more about our previous SGS4 article here. There are new rumours floating around that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will release early 2013, the Examiner is claiming that industry analyst Paul Mueller has confirmed some of the key features and that the handset will be based around multimedia.

Some of the main specifications rumoured to be on the Samsung Galaxy S4 includes a 12-megapixel camera featuring auto-focus, and it will also take 1080p videos in stereo, which means the sound will be a major improvement. According to Mueller the SGS4 will have a much-improved sound to that of the SGS3, looking forward to seeing two stereo speakers on the side possibly like the Galaxy Tab.

The screen resolution will be a lot higher as well if that is at all possible, we all know that the Galaxy Note 2 is releasing soon and this will be a massive selling, some are saying it will be more popular than the Galaxy S3. The SGS3 has a 4.8-inch display so this leaves us asking, “What size display will the Samsung galaxy S4 have?”

Please do let us know what specs and features you would like to see on the speculated Samsung Galaxy S4? Just one more thing, if the Samsung Galaxy S4 does release early 2013 would you hold off buying the Galaxy Note 2? Now that has got you thinking, please do use the comments box below and have your say.


28 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 starts the new hype”

  1. yarrellray says:

    Gosh I enjoy my Galaxy S3 on Tmobile so much I am just blown away about this handset. I am purchasing the Galaxy Note 2 on day one when it releases on Tmobile. Meanwhile i will also have the Galaxy S4 whenever that arrives also I am all about Samsung devices. Specs 5.2 inches would be great, 2ghz processor with 2gb of ram with kie lime pie, lord only knows.

  2. William P says:

    The Galaxy S4 should include a new exynos quad (or snapdragon s4 pro with the newest mali gpu.) 2.0ghz 28mn processor. 2GB of faster RAM than the S3, 16-64GB Internal, 1080p res, 12mp camera, 3mp front facing. 4.8 to 4.9 inch screen, Resolution should be same or better than retina. NO IFS ANDS OR BUTS! Time to make a display that even APPLE can’t compare to. It should not have a middle button. The S3 ruined it simply by adding the middle button which does the same as holding home in other phones or in the case of waking from sleep, now the S3 has two ways to turn the screen on. DUMB!. I want the design to be more rounded and symetrical. Maybe the screen should maybe a rising indented glass all around the border so you can always find the corner easily. The entire front panel should be the screen, with only the capacitive buttons hidden just like the s3, also illuminating. This phones chassis has to be revolutionary, seriously. I see a sun charging panel on the backplate of an S4 with Gorilla Glass 2/3 protecting the panel. That way it will protect against damages and you can literally charge your S4 outside, or in the light. The battery should be REINVENTED. I mean i need to buy special batteries for my S3 anyway so why not create a new kind of battery!? There is some stuff that allows batteries to be sprayed (new technology) and maybe samsung could make a phone using this material coated on the inside. I’m not sure but I would love to be on the Samsung design team to help with awesome ideas.

  3. DarkKnightDan says:

    The bottom line is that the SGS4 will be revolutionary and all around extraordinary and superior to any smartphone in every way. I am most definitely buying the SGS4 and to make things even better, it’s rumored to be released early in 2013 which is exactly the time in which my 2-year plan with Verizon ends. How perfect!!

  4. Noval Adams says:

    I would like to have Galaxy S4 for the same screen size but with longer battery time and a higher software, and yes I’m waiting for S4 because i don’t like note at all.

    1. Will says:

      I think the screen size is perfect. If people want a 5+ inch screen than get the note 2 or a tablet, but I think it’s to big to be practical for a phone.

  5. akshit says:

    it should have exynos 5 quad not dual and full hd display with eyes controlling feature it would be great if they add in cell touch technology to it it would blow every display in front of him and the new galaxy camera feature

  6. The Galaxy Note 2 will be in stores in October, 2012.
    Predictions are that It will sell over 15 million handsets! =)
    It is an S3 with a better display, bigger screen, S-Pen, Improved Camera, Quad Core CPU 1.6 Ghz, 2GB Ram, 3100 amh battery, and Android 4.1 Jellybean!

      1. Rehan Shah says:

        well, its related to S4 more than you think..
        If samsung would do an S4 as apple is likely be going to do an Iphone 5; which means a Bigger Screen, Faster Processor, Higher RAM, improved OS than its predecessor, then objectively speaking S4 is already out.. 🙂 In the form of Galaxy Note 2. But I am sure Samsung can and will do better than that for S4..

  7. disqus_zRG6tXSUHw says:

    samsung galaxy s4
    – Exynos 5450 2.0 Ghz (28nm)
    – Mali T658
    – 2GB Ram
    – eMMC Pro Classe 1500
    – 16 mp 1080p camera
    – 4,5″ display oled (350 ppi)
    – battery 3200 mAh
    Lte/Lte advanced

  8. Maxx says:

    My realistic anticipation:
    – 2.0 Ghz dual core exynos5 processor (5 times faster than 4 core)
    – 2GB RAM (a must)
    – 1080p resolution screen Super Amoled
    – 12 MP camera – at least!
    – 3 MP front camera
    – 3000 mAh battery – at least
    – 64, 128 GB storage ONLY – come on flash is not that pricey any more!

    – Size – up to 4.5 inches not MORE! – more than that -> buy Galaxy Note
    – Thickness – 5-7 mm
    – Weight – 100-110gm

    – Wireless charging – but better than putting it on a “recharging
    pillow” as “Lumia 920” -> sounds fancy but in practice useless!

    FM Transmitter – !!!very cool and useful feature!!! (play mp3 via radio
    – everyone can listen nearby – e.g Nokia N8 – had it) – thus you do not
    have to buy a dock station – everyone has an old Hi-Fi or radio around!

    – Better Sound (a must)!
    – Waterproof – that would be a nice feature

  9. tiamat says:

    exynos 5. 2gb ram. waterproof. back solar panel. less brittle gorilla glass. definitely not heavier. definitely not larger. super amoled plus. nanowire/ graphene battery or anything that improves the sgs3 one. usb3. geiger counter 🙂

  10. luda says:

    have a voice helper kinda like the Iphone has but have it that it can understand people with different accents. Since iphones siri has to have almost the perfect speaking to understand. I think it would be a huge thing to have a software that has different speaking levels. Have a great front camera. And have more battery power to last at least the whole day while using your phone that whole day.

  11. El Compo says:

    My wishlist would be:

    1. Five inch super amoled plus screen with no bezel
    2. Waterproofing
    3.Tougher Gorilla glass
    4. 2GB ram
    5. FM transmitter
    6. 2.0 GHz quadcore processor
    7. Key lime pie Anroid OS
    8. 12MP camera with larger CMOS
    9. 64 GB memory
    10. Integrated rangefinder sensor
    11. Screen coating that reduces fingerprints
    12. 4G networking

  12. Andy H Derby uk says:

    longer lasting battery than the S2 or S3 I have got 3500 exstened life for the S2 and the phone zapps that when useing internet or gps or maybe suply a spare one insted us having to go and buy one and a spare charger to go with it

  13. Sgs4 .. says:

    5-inch screen
    At least 2GB RAM
    2 gHz (or faster) quadcore processor
    At least the same pixel density than in iphone’s retina display
    5 mm thin
    Better speakers (more bass)
    12 Mpix camera with full HD video recording
    Fm transmitter (like in nokia c7 or n8)
    No plastic!!!! It feels too cheap. Only metal and glass
    128gb memory would be great
    Latest android
    3500 mAh battery
    Built-in Laser pointer for presentations

  14. Andrew says:

    Maybe Samsung will revamp their model names. Apple have a two syllable name for their phone iPhone, it’s easy to pronounce and remember and is almost part of our English language. The Samsung Galaxy S IV SmartPhone is such a mouthful, should it not be abbreviated to simply SGS4 ?

  15. Rekonz says:

    I’ve been using s3 for about 5 months now and I just wanna say that I’m very disappointed with the s3.With its high price tag and powerful processor it supposed to be the most nearly perfect smartphone for now but as I found out it’s not.Yes it’s screen is big but when u compared to other smartphones with nearly the same sized screen you just can’t rid off how others look much better without the distinctive blue tint on the s3.I’ve compared watching movie on the s3 to Sony Xperia SL with its bravia engine technology and just going ‘Wow’ to how good the picture on the SL look.And the SL is a much cheaper phone with only a 4.3 inch screen and 1.7 dual core processor.But that’s not the worst flaw of the s3.The worst is when I found out that I can’t move all the cool games each with at least 1gb of size to my 16gb external memory card because s3 just doesn’t support the function.The effect of that is my internel memory got full quickly and I have to often clear my cache file and worse to delete some of my favourite games to make space for new ones. Really s3 itself is just a hype and a lot of my friends who used it said that s3 was not worth it.